Raucous Wrestling: WWE Returns


What are the sports that captivate Australians? If you were to ask your average Joe, expected answers might include cricket, swimming, netball, AFL, NRL, and – if only for one day each year – horse racing.

However, in addition to these mainstays, a lot of other sports garner hefty crowds, and impressively devoted fan-bases. Professional wrestling, for instance, manages to draw a passion out of its spectators – red-faced, cheering and stomping – that observers of less physical, stricter games would likely shy away from.

Professional wrestling is dominated by WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment – an American company that has earned close to $700 million in revenue this year alone. The pro wrestling circuit is a modern gladiatorial spectacle. For the uninitiated, matches can almost seem pre-planned and choreographed; chairs are thrown, referees are victimised, and surprise contenders are thrown into the ring with a frequency that keeps all spectators guessing. At the same time, though, there’s a degree of wink-wink-nudge-nudge knowing that lends a somewhat humorous edge to some fights.

With more than 800 million views, WWE’s official YouTube channel offers a window into the bravado and brashness of professional wrestling. Its mixture of athleticism and theatre has seen the sport continuously grow in popularity in Australia, with matches being broadcast on one of the country’s most popular pay-TV channels.wrestling-ring

Such is the present popularity of the sport, that WWE will next year bring some of its biggest stars to Australia for a series of arena-based events in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. With pre-sale tickets already available, those fans devoted enough to travel from interstate should be sure to book a Sydney Hotel with plenty of time to spare. Otherwise, they risk missing out on some of the superstars of the sport, many of whom have names that are equally tough and tongue-in-cheek, like The Shield and Big Show.

These wrestling warriors are sure to bring the biff (plus the beef, the bulge, and the bulk) to the ring, making it a not-to-be-missed tour for the sport’s growing fan-base. It’s a shame that this time the WWE crew will be skipping cities like Brisbane and Adelaide, but devotees can always travel to witness the blood and gore, booking in at a facility like Hotel Urban Sydney to make sure they don’t miss a second of the action. Those that are particularly astute might even consider choosing somewhere close to the Royal North Shore Hospital, should anything go awry during a stoush. Crowd injuries are very unlikely, but you can bet that most professional wrestlers have visited a hospital or two in their time.

As wrestling continues to grow in popularity and lucrativeness around the world, only one warning is really necessary: don’t try this at home!

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