Tinder Mania in Sochi


Winter Olympic gold medallist Jamie Anderson has revealed that hook-up app Tinder is proving very lucrative in Sochi. Anderson, who won the women’s slopestyle event, described the Olympic Village Tinder action as “next level” and “hilarious.”

Elite athletes have long declared the Olympics as a ripe breeding ground for, well, breeding. Former Olympian Ronda Rousey typified the atmosphere in the Olympic Village in both 2004 and 2008 as debauched.

Sochi is clearly no different. Organisers are said to have distributed 100,000 condoms to athletes – that’s about thirteen per person. Whether these supplies, intended to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDs, will last for the duration of the sixteen day event remains to be seen. In Anderson’s case, the temptation of sex seemingly proved rather distracting, with the athlete deciding to delete the app in order to maintain her focus on her events. Perhaps once she’s done and dusted, she’ll re-install.

tinder-basketballThe commonality of sex at the Olympics makes a lot of sense, really. Thousands of extremely fit, active and motivated people descend on a small geographic space, all toned bodies and nerves. They’re exercising at a high level, creating adrenaline and exhilaration. Barrels and barrels of free booze are on offer, with athletes understandably looking to celebrate, commiserate or blow off steam after their events.

The event is one of extreme emotional intensity, no doubt causing many athletes to throw caution to the wind – explaining the need for those condoms. We’re unsure whether the bulk of sexual activity comes prior to or after athletes compete. Perhaps it’s part of the warm-up process for some.

Not included in this group are LGBT athletes. It has been claimed that, in accordance with Russia’s anti-LGBT stance, gay hook-up apps have been hacked – some allege by the government itself. Days prior to the commencement of the Winter Games, thousands of profiles and messages deleted from around Russia. However, given the rather ramshackle state of the Olympic Village, we’re not sure the facilities would be all that conducive to sexual activity, anyway.

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