Wood Chopping

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We all know of Wood Chopping as the sport that we go to see at the Annual fair, usually surrounded by other farm-related events such as petting zoos, sheep herding and horse riding. The sport is actually taken very seriously by it’s competitors, and there is far more variation in it than meets the eye. With a number of different events and competitions all over the world, the sport is very intense and cutthroat. The sport has world championships, official handicaps and governing bodies all around the world. Here are some of the different events in the sport of wood chopping.

Styles of Wood Chopping

The first style of Wood Chopping is called “Underhand” and is generally considered the simplest for of the sport. The log is fixed horizontally, whilst the axeman stands over it and chops into the scarf between his feet. Slightly more difficult is the “Standing Block” which involves the log fixed in a vertical position and the axeman chopping from the side until it is severed. There is a higher degree of skill and accuracy required for this event, where technique is generally more beneficial than brute strength.

“Treefelling” is definitely the most spectacular form of the sport and definitely the most spectator friendly. The axemen climbs up a tree by cutting board holes in the tree and placing stair-like boards in them. Once he has climbed to the top, the he chops the top of the tree off, and the winner being named the first to complete the task. This form of the sport is a little difficult to explain, the best way is to watch the video linked below. It is believed that this form of wood chopping began when axemen wanted to avoid the lower quality wood at the bottom of the tree.

Here is the final of the World Treefelling championship.



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