Weight-Cutting Sports Embracing Colonic Irrigation

Boxing, MMA, horse racing have one thing in common – the participants are judge on a power to weight ratio. In each, the weight of the competitor is legislated by a division. The idea is for the individual competitor to drop a lot of weight rapidly in time for the official weigh-in, then replace the lost weight before the actual competition. This, when it works, gives the competitor a significant size, strength and power advantage over their adversary. So prevalent is the practice of weight cutting it has now become an accepted part of most personal combat sports.

Weight cutting suitMost times the athlete chooses to dehydrate through a combination of reduced water intake, and sweating, though the use of a sauna and weight-cutting suit.

But there are risks. In their effort to reduce weight participants run a gauntlet of health issues. The most serious of which is muscle and energy loss through dehydration. Most weight-cutting occurs through dehydration. Dehydration takes days to replenish. The effects of dehydration are decreased strength, endurance, and speed. It’s like taking all the oil out of your car engine and then running it flat out. As such nearly all competitors who weight-cut this way enter their competition at a substandard level of athletic performance.

That’s not so bad when your competitor is doing the same as you. The loss of athletic performance on both sides creates a level playing field. But now high performance sports coaches have found a less harmful alternative to dehydrating: Colonic Irrigation.

There is a massive amount of semi-digested foods literally rotting in the large intestine. It’s contribution

UFC Weigh-Ins

UFC Weigh-Ins

to energy and muscle building is negligible to say the least. High performance sports coaches are finding their athletes can drop a significant amount of weight quickly and without any detrimental effects on athletic performance through only one session of colonic irrigation. The athlete themselves find the session relaxing and infinitely less stressful than the normal regimen required to make weight.

The Colon Care Clinic was one of the first such detox centres to be employed by athletes for this purpose. In a few short years it has gone from servicing individual amateur athletes to catering for teams of professional sports people.

Any sport requiring a power to weight ratio (such as running, jumping, cycling etc.) can benefit from colonic irrigation.

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