UFC and FOX Drop Sonnen After Second Failed Drug Test

One of the most colourful and popular fighters in UFC has been forced into retirement. Chael Sonnen has been dropped from the UFC and FOX Sports organisations as news of his second failed drug test became public.

In late May, prior to UFC 175, Sonnen was randomly drug tested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He had been scheduled to fight Brazilian brawler Wanderlai Silva; but Silva forfeited the match when he skipped his own pre-fight drug test.

Sonnen’s test came back positive. He later admitted taking anastrozole – a non-steroidal aromatase-inhibiting drug, used to treat breast cancer – and clomiphene – used to treat female

Chael Sonnen dropped for failing second drug test.  Photo: www.evolutinary.org

Chael Sonnen dropped for failing second drug test.
Photo: www.evolutinary.org

infertility. Sonnen said he was using these substances to allow his body to withdraw from doctor-prescribed testosterone.

Chael Sonnen first came to the attention of the Nevada State Athletic Commission because of his use of Doctor-prescribed testosterone. He had been approved its use because of sub-natural levels of the hormone. But the NSCA later banned even this use of testosterone.

Sonnen announced his retirement on June 11, after failing his first drug test, in May. He made the announcement live on UFC Tonight, the flagship FOX Sports 1 MMA program.

On June 17 the NSCA somewhat belatedly issued Sonnen with a temporary suspension.

On Saturday it was announced that Sonnen had failed a second test earlier in June and that two otherl banned substances had also been detected in his system.

Upon this disclosure of the second failed test the UFC and FOX released the fighter/commentator from his respective contracts.

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