‘Twelve Gauge’ Armbars ‘Astro-Girl’ for UFC 191 Win

Paige vanZant images: https://twitter.com/paigevanzant?lang=en

Former Nike model turned UFC-killer ‘Twelve Guage’ Paige VanZant is continuing to work her way through the TUF 20 house with an armbar victory over Australia’s Alex ‘Astro Girl’ Chambers.

VanZant was coming off a victory over Chambers’ housemate the ever-dangerous Felice Herrig and was keen to prove she’s much more than just a pretty face.

She stalked to the centre of the Octagon and let loose a barrage of punches.

Chambers was off-balance.

VanZant stepped in with an impressive take-down. She finished the round in top-position landing some damaging ground-and-pound.

Chambers wobbled out for the second round knowing she was behind on the judges’ scorecards.

VanZant refused to give her an opportunity to get back into the fight. Her movement and striking were the difference.

But the finish eluded VanZant until 1:01 in the third round.

Another trip sent Chambers to the canvas, VanZant pounced and softened her up with a series of hard punches.

As Chambers attempted to defend hjrself she left her arm unprotected.

VanZant seized it and stretched it out for an armbar submission.

Commentators compared the slick manoeuvre to Ronda Rousey, who is famed for being able to transition almost from any position into an armbar victory.

Image: https://twitter.com/paigevanzant?lang=en

Image: https://twitter.com/paigevanzant?lang=en

In an interview with MMAFighting.com last week VanZant said she would love to follow in the footsteps of Rousey.

“She’s done amazing things,” said VanZant. “She’s had amazing success and it just kind of shows me how far I can take this. And every time I think she’s hit the ceiling, she breaks through again. I would love to obviously follow in her footsteps. I want to continue winning fights before that could ever happen. I need to create a name for myself and maybe I’ll get the opportunities that she’s getting.”

VanZant is 3-0 in the UFC and just 21 years of age. She’s a former model and has already fought some of the best strawweights in the world.

Her future looks bright.

Image: https://twitter.com/paigevanzant?lang=en

Image: https://twitter.com/paigevanzant?lang=en

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