Alli Alberts Sets Hearts Racing with MVP Celebration

Alli Alberts image:

Super-babe and lingerie league standout Alli Alberts sent hearts a-flutter after being named MVP after the Chicago Bliss stomped the Omaha Hearts 49-0.

After hearing she’d won the coveted prize Ms Alberts ran onto the middle of the gridiron and chugged a whole beer.

Male footy fans were in raptures.

Alberts has been a football fans’ favourite since she joined the lingerie league. She is smokin’ hot, she plays at safety with brutal efficiency, and she is currently a dentist in training to be a prosthodontist – the perfect combination of beauty, athleticism, and brains.

Oh, and she apparently doesn’t mind a drink or two.

Social media exploded in the wake of Albert’s being named MVP and her very public celebration.

She has been described as a badass with a great-ass.

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