Iconic Sounds, Looks and Habits of the Australian Open

The Australian Open tickets are officially selling online. To get you ready for the glorious summer of tennis that awaits in Melbourne, here is a reminder of all the wonderfully outrageous things your favourite tennis stars do. In just few months, you could be witnessing their iconic sounds, looks and habits for yourself up close and personal. 

Nadal picking his wedgie

There is no Australian Open without mention of Nadal’s habitual tugging of his wedgie. It would make the perfect drinking game if it didn’t run the risk of literally everyone in the room fainting and vomiting from alcohol poisoning before waking up in hospital the next morning. Maybe his booty is too big or he needs to invest in a new pair of underwear, but Nadal, without fail, will pick at his butt after almost every point. Nadal himself has explained that the problem is his bottom. “A little bigger than usual,” he told reporters. 


The Spaniard is also renowned for his compulsive habits from the precise positioning of his drink bottles, the towel face wipe followed by a tucking of his sweaty hair behind each ear routine.

Sharapova’s grunt

Call it a grunt or a wail or a dying sea lion but the noise that comes out of Sharapova’s voice box has become a staple sound of the game. Yes, we all cringe a little every time those screechy tones emanate across the court, but we secretly we love how it matches the intensity of her game. Mostly, we marvel at how tennis is more than just a sport; it’s a game. And often a shout across the court is more than just a grunt of tiredness; it’s a war cry to the opponent that stands on the other side of that net.

sharapova-gruntDjokovic’s ball bouncing

Besides his piercing eyes that stare into your soul, his cheesy ‘Djokes” and his incredible flexibility, Djokovic’s best known habit is his tendency to bounce the ball INCESSANTLY, ENDLESSLY, REPEATEDLY, NEVERENDINGLY before he takes the serve. Sometimes, he takes so long it’s a wonder his opponent doesn’t fall asleep, hypnotised by the bouncing tennis ball. It’s not unusual for frustrated players to complain to the umpire about Djokovic’s habit that at times has his bouncing the tennis ball 25 times in a row.


Serena Williams’ nail polish

Often dubbed one of the main fashionistas of the Australian Open, Serena Williams perfectly manicured nails are almost as famous as her explosive tennis skills. Somehow, Serena manages to navigate a tennis racquet and win grand slams with her super long designer nails. Every tournament, her manicured designs are different and every time, they are fabulous.


“Marcos Baghdatis” chant

Maybe it’s just me (it’s probably just me), but ever since 2006 when he somewhat miraculously made it to the Australian Open final, Marcos Baghdatis has been a remarkable player to watch. Mostly, it’s because the moment he enters, the stadium erupts into a never-ending stream of chants and songs, brought by his loyal and passionate fan base. Whether he wins or loses, his games at the Australian Open always promise to be one of the loudest.


The Australian Open is more than a sporting tournament; it is an experience full of fun, laughter, excitement and cringe-worthy moments. With all the top (and sometimes neurotic) tennis stars making their way to Melbourne soon, it’s an event you do not want to miss. Start booking!

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