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Top 3: Fitness Apps

runnning iPhone fitness apps

There are so many factors you have to think about when starting a new training regime. Duration, intensity, playlist; they’re all important considerations. Luckily, being the 21st century, there’s an app for everything. Here’s our list of fitness apps to get you off your gooch and hitting gym.

1. FastFitness

Price: $1.99

FastFitness is an all-in-one fitness tracker. You can use it to record the sorts of exercise you’re doing and how often. Then it calculates the effectiveness of your regime by analysing weight gains and losses.

Another useful feature is it’s “workout” menu, which generates a custom workout according to your stats and your exercise goals. Also, a indispensable feature for newbies like me, for each exercise, the app has a step-by-step how-to (including diagrams), a list of benefits and recommended reps and sets.

 2. 10k Runner



I often look at joggers with a mixture of intense envy and disdain. Why’re they so motivated? Hod do they do it?

10k Runner aims to take you from being an absolute beginner to being able to run 10km straight, all just in two months. The training regime consists of exercising 30 mins a day, 3 days a week for 8 weeks. The app has a badge reward system, inbuilt playlists and an audio coach who tells you when to run and when to walk.

3. Zombies, Run!

On a more light-hearted note, Zombies, Run! turns your morning jog into a post-apocalyptic adventure. No need to watch Walking Dead, your run to the shops and back will be action-packed enough.

The game is co-created by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman and includes a campaign mode with 33 missions and over 45 runs worth of gameplay. On top of this, there’s the “Zombie Chase” mode, which is basically interval training but with a flesh-hungry horde at your heels.