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Russ Henshaw Reflects on Skiing on Two torn ACLs.

Men’s Ski Slope-style event specialist Aussie Russ Henshaw is a man on a mission. He competed at the Sochi Winter Olympics this year even after tearing his second anterior cruciate ligament a week out from competition.

“It was all pretty complicated,” said Henshaw to “I tore my right ACL a year out from Sochi and I decided not to have surgery because of the qualification process.

“If I had surgery I felt like I would only just scrape it in and I wouldn’t be doing any new tricks, I would just have to work on getting back to where I was before.

Russ Henshaw. Image:

Russ Henshaw. Image:

“Then a week before the Olympics at the X-Games, I tore my left ACL, which was not ideal. It had a lot of bone bruising as well, which was quite painful.

“I knew I could ski, because I had been doing it for a year beforehand but it was stressful at first.

“Then I realised that it doesn’t really matter. I had made it that far and anything else was a bonus. I looked at it as if I was going to go skiing and not competing on the world stage in the biggest event of my life.”

Doctors were at their wits end trying to find pain relievers not on the prohibited substances list for athletes and without significant side-effects.

Henshaw recalls how he felt after qualifying for the finals. “It was my first run in qualifying that got me through to the finals. After having a tough time training, and everything going on during the week, it was such a surreal feeling and something I will never forget.”

After the Olympics Henshaw went into hospital for his much needed, and log overdue, surgery. He has come through rehabilitation with flying colours and is focused on the incipient season.

The world tour begins next month. It kicks off hectic schedule of competitions for the next few months.

“I would obviously love to do well in the X-Games and the world championships, but it is out of your hands,” said Henshaw. “You just have to go there and give the best performance you can.

Titans Recievee $300,000 Salary Cap Fine

Embattled NRL club the Gold Coast Titans have had another nail hammered into their coffin, having been found guilty of a salary cap breach.

Former co-captain Scott Prince has been hung out to dry by the former club. He has been sacked from his current position as an NRL One Community Ambassador for receiving payments from the club after he left to play for the Broncos. It is understood the payments were made to make up the shortfall between his earnings at the Titans and the amount he was contracted to receive.

Former Titan Scott Prince. Image:

Former Titan Scott Prince. Image:

These payments, so it seems, were enough to put the Titans over the NRL salary cap.

For their part, the Titans have been hit with the game’s fourth largest fine for such an offence – $300,000 and docked 4 competition points.

Titans’ ex-coach, John Cartwright, founder Michael Searle and manager Scott Clark have been cleared of any wrong-doing.

Current chief executive Graham Annesley was glum when asked whether this was the last ‘irregularity’ at the club. “I can’t give you that guarantee at all,” he told reporters. “Since I have been here there have been a number of things uncovered.

“When I come across anything with the slightest hint of suspicion we will forward that straight to the NRL.

“We have been completely transparent with the NRL from day one. The NRL have been fair in their assessment of the process.

“Like a lot of NRL clubs, we are not in a position to be spending that amount of money on a penalty of this nature.

“Whenever there is an incident like this there is always more than one person who knows.

“Eventually these things get uncovered. There is just simply no value in doing it and it won’t happen under my administration.”

Des Hassler Apologizes to Canterbury Fans After Bizarre Golden Point Loss to Titans

It has been called one of the most bizarre and thrilling NRL games ever played. On Sunday the Gold Coast Titans eked out a Golden Point victory over their fancied rivals, the Canterbury Bulldogs. But it was the course the match took that had fans and commentators bewildered.

Des Hassler apologises to Canterbury fans. Photo:

Des Hassler apologises to Canterbury fans. Photo:

In fact, flanked by Bulldogs Captain Michael Ennis, coach Des Hassler apologised to the Canterbury fans. He was apologising not only for blowing an 18 – 0 lead, but also for a string of bizarre incidents.

Just seconds before halftime Josh Reynolds cantered towards the sideline with the ball under his arm; as he crossed the touch line he threw the ball infield to Titans’ winger Anthony Don. Don was quick enough to play to the whistle rather than the assumption and sprinted towards the try line.

Inexplicably, the referee called Don back and awarded the Titans a penalty. He deemed Reynolds’ action a deliberate forward pass – even though the sideline official had raised his flag, calling him out of bounds.

With the halftime siren wailing the Titans were given one last opportunity for points.

They failed. But it seemed from this point on the rot had set in for Canterbury.

In the second half the bulldogs were kept scoreless. The Titans capitalised from Bulldog errors, and scored two tries. Another try came from lazy Canterbury defence; while a fourth resulted simply from a rising sense of belief.

During this time several scuffles broke out and the big men from each side – Tony Williams and Dave Taylor were put on report. Williams for a possible shoulder charge, Taylor for back-slamming an opponent.

Anthony Minechello, in his final NRL game, looked to score the match winner. But with the Titans’ kicker off the field the stand-in was unable to convert. The scores were tied at 18 – 18 as the final hooter sounded.

The Bulldogs squandered their attempt at a field-goal. The Titans didn’t.

Wallabies Break All Blacks’ 17 Game Bledisloe Winning Streak

Bledisloe Cup. Photo:

Bledisloe Cup. Photo:

Last night the Australian Wallabies held on for an unconvincing draw against the New Zealand All Blacks in the first Bledisloe Cup game of the season. Much was expected of Kurtley Beale playing at No. 10, for the first time in two years, and much was directed at him by the All Blacks.

In rainy conditions, the two sides played a fast, taxing and brutal game; wearing away at each other in slippery conditions. The 12 – 12 score line definitely flattered the Australians.

Kurtley Beale and Israel Folau came in for special attention from the All Blacks. They were slowed with damaging tackles and relentless pressure. Beale threw several wayward passes, stymieing the Australian attack at crucial times of the game. He furthermore broke the hearts of Aussie fans by conceding a penalty, through not releasing the ball, in one of the more promising goal line raids.

But Beale showed his ability under the high ball. The New Zealanders peppered the five-eighth with bombs, hoping the slick ball would slip free for a penalty. Beale disappointed them.

Australia’s 12 points came through goal-kicking. Again Beale was hot and cold kicking at 80 per cent and ruing what might-have-been.

Folau suffered a nasty head clash in the first-half, as he slid into a team mate in search of the loose ball. Trainers were on in seconds. Folau had a serious cut and appeared wobbly on his feet, but refused to come off.

New Zealand’s Conrad Smith was absent from the side due to his wife giving birth to their first child.

During the game All Blacks Wyatt Crockett and Beauden Barrett were shown yellow cards by South African referee Jaco Peyper. But even with an extra man the Wallabies were unable to break the Kiwis heroic defense.

Aaron Cruden kicked four goals for all the New Zealanders’ points. The tie ends a 17 game winning streak for the All Blacks.

In all, the New Zealanders allowed the Australians into the match with a few uncharacteristic mistakes; mistakes not likely to be there when the teams meet again in Auckland next week.

Picture of Tour de France Rider’s Legs Causes Social Media Frenzy

These are the legs of Tour de France cyclist Bartosz Huzarski. He took the picture after completing the gruelling 18th stage of this year’s Tour. The 145.5 stage went from Pau to Hautacam and tested the riders the most brutal climbs of the event. These climbs included the rightly feared Col de Tormelet and the Hautacam finish itself.

Ripped legs of Bartosz Huzarski. Photo:

Ripped legs of Bartosz Huzarski. Photo:

Not only did the riders traverse drag themselves up these mountains, they did it at race speed. On difficult stages like the 18th riders can burn up to twelve thousand kilojoules of energy. It is no wonder then that Huzarski’s legs were pumped and his body fat close to zero. However, the pictures of his legs drew howls of outrage and accusations of doping from the social media community; with words like ‘freakish’, ‘abnormal’ and ‘unhealthy’ being used to describe him. “Of course I will not have legs like a Victoria’s Secret model,” said Huzarski to reporters, “or anyone working in an office who does a 10km bike ride or an hour run three times a week.” “This, what you see in the picture below, is not unhealthy.” For the record, Italian Vincenzo Nibali won the stage stretching his lead to an unassailable 7 minutes and 10 seconds.  The race for second and third place will be fought out with the individual time trial on Saturday. The places that emerge from this last day of contest cycling will be carried into Paris on the next and last day of the Tour.

Namibian Chef de Mission Outraged at Slow Medical Attention

Another athlete rushes to the aid of Beata Naigambo Photo:

Another athlete rushes to the aid of Beata Naigambo Photo:

Chef de mission of the Namibian Commonwealth Games team, Abraham So-oabeb, has expressed outrage at the time it took for ambulance officers to attend to stricken marathon runner Beata Naigambo.

15 kilometres into the marathon on Sunday Beata unexpectedly lost touch with the lead pack. She slowed, staggered and collapsed against the signage along the road, before sinking onto the bitumen.

The police were the first to arrive. However, they were able to do little more than check Naigambo’s vital signs and place her in the recovery position. It took ten minutes for the first paramedic to arrive on a bicycle; and another ten minutes for the ambulance. During that time the dazed Naigambo lay insensible on the road, with everyone just looking at her wondering what they should do.

Many spectators thought she had injured herself. With the police present they believed the situation was under some control. But those same spectators also said they were ashamed it took so long for a guest athlete to receive the medical attention she so clearly needed.

Beata Naigambo collapses during Glasgow marathon. Photo:

Beata Naigambo collapses during Glasgow marathon. Photo:

Naigambo was eventually taken to hospital.  Doctors were at a loss to explain her collapse. Her blood pressure and iron levels were a little low – but that is to be expected in someone who has just run 15 kilometres against some of the fastest and fittest women in the world.

Glasgow Commonwealth games officials have defended the time it took to attend to Ms Naigambo, saying the event prevents them from having ambulances trailing each runner in a 42 kilometre race.

Beata Naigambo just wants to put the incident behind her; even going so far as to say she doesn’t want to see herself on video recordings. She admits having no idea why she collapsed.

Titans face audit for financial ‘irregularities’

NRL whipping boys, the Gold Coast Titans, are being investigated (again) for possible payment irregularities. Already struggling with on-field performances, this latest probe further embroils the club and alienates it from its fans.

Integrity-unit auditors have begun combing through the Titan’s books after being alerted to possible irregularities. These have been rumoured to be worth around $400,000. Strangely, it was the Titans’ boss Graham Annesley who reported the concerns.

Annesley was quick to not point the finger at his predecessor Michael Searle. Both Searle and David May (previous CEO) have denied any criminality and say they are happy to assist the investigation.

Michael Searle. Photo:

Michael Searle. Photo:

The Titans will have their books examined for a number of irregularities, much of which seem to have taken place under Searle’s directorship: A $417,392 lan to Titans 4 Tomorrow from the Titans football club (Searle says the loan has been repaid); concerns over the $2.32 million of government funding received by the Titans last year and the $1.98 million paid in wages to staff; questions over an undisclosed merchandise deal; the rumors of a survey predicting anything up to 87% of members would return if Searle was removed; questions from key Titan employees over methods employed in routine bookkeeping.

This integrity-unit examination comes as the club has ordered an internal review to understand what is going wrong – both on the field and off it. Michael Searle insists the Titans are properly run and the future of the club is bright. The newly installed board is determined to rebuild the titans and the integrity-unit have been given unhindered access to whatever materials they need.

U.S. vs Canada Ice Hockey Tour of Australia

Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and, next Saturday, Brisbane will play host to five match international ice hockey (two matches are to be held in Perth). The Canadian and U.S teams will be on display to give Australian audiences a taste of what they are missing.

With the Winter Olympic hockey final between the two great rivals being described as, ‘State of Origin on steroids’ Outrageous Sports decided to illustrate a comparison between the two sports.

Rule changes to rugby league are making the game more like South American soccer. Taking dives, milking penalties, and faking injuries for a free substitution are now an accepted part of the game. The no-punch rule has put player aggression on the same level as school girls pulling each other’s hair.

Contrast this with ice hockey:

Zenon Konopka. Photo:

Zenon Konopka. Photo:

Enforcer and Captain of the U.S. side Zenon Konopka (or as we at Outrageous Sports like to call him: Mr Konopka) has had his nose broken 14 times, endured more than 600 stitches being put in his face, has shattered both hands and broken a shoulder from on-ice fights. During his 346 games Mr Konopka has attracted 1082 minutes in the sin bin. But he admits he wouldn’t change a thing.

Violence has a place in ice hockey. And while it is discouraged with penalties it is not rooted out entirely (as it is in rugby league). Hockey players know the consequences for their actions; if they choose to perform those actions anyway then they must face those consequences.

This allows a factor of physical intimidation (something rugby league used to have) and on-ice rivalries to emerge; something absolutely enthralling for fans of the game.

Whether the U.S. and Canadian teams will bring back the biff, something sorely lacking and lamented from Australian sports, remains to be seen. But audiences can be assured of high energy, dizzyingly fast, skilful action as some of the best hockey players in the world strut their stuff.

2014 Winternationals Set to Explode

The qualifying rounds for the FUCHS Winernationals have begun at Willowbank Raceway. This event attracts the highest powered land-based racing machines on the planet. It is a standout event on the global drag racing calendar and the pinnacle of Australian quarter-mile all-class engine racing.

Veteran drag racer Gary Phillips has announced his intention to get back in the winner’s circleJohn Force after being winless for the last ten years. Phillips has won the event 12 times between 1978 and 2004 and has recently broken the ANDRA Alcohol Funny Car national record. His blistering 5.438 second elapsed time for the standing quarter-mile is only the barest margin away from the world record – a record Phillips has his eyes firmly set on.

Eleven cars are vying  for eight spots in the Top Alcohol and open Doorslammer classes. And the competition is fierce! Each of the entrants has experience, expertise, and an engine-full of passion to get to the top.

Philips sits 14 points behind Group 1 leader John Cannulli. Qualifying resumes today from 1 pm and continues tomorrow.

Winternational racing combines sheer brute horsepower with cutting-edge sleek technology. The cars and drivers on display during this festival of power are the absolute elite. Bring your earplugs, forget your cameras – you’ll hear them before you see them.

Bin Bag Game on Mt Everest


There’s a new sport in town – well, sort of. It’s kind of like when your mum tells you of this “fun new game” where whoever can fold the most socks is the winner!

Except instead of the living room floor, you’re climbing Mount Everest and instead of folding socks, you’re collecting rubbish. Also, if you fail the game and collect less than eight kilograms of rubbish per person, you lose your $4000 deposit.

Picture this: Snow and wind swirl in the air as you trudge through the snow, each step harder than the last. The air is thin. You’ve got a picture of your hero, Sir Edmund Hillary, in your pocket. You can’t see the top of the world’s tallest mountain but you know it’s there and you promise yourself you’re going to make it even if you have to crawl there. The path ahead lies agony, glory and… is that a Be Natural muesli bar? Damn, it’s empty. Better add that to my rubbish bag.

From coffee makers, oxygen tanks, broken tent bits and frozen human corpses, official estimates indicate there are hundreds of tons of rubbish scattered across the glorious Mount Everest and the Nepalese government has decided to take action.

“From now on, a climber is required to bring down eight kilograms of waste, and that excludes their own empty oxygen bottles and human dung,” Madhusudhan Burlakoti, joint secretary of Nepal’s tourism ministry, told the New York Times.

It’s tough love for all those extreme climbers out there but it’s all for the sake of the world’s most extraordinary mountain.