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A Sporting Body


We’ve all seen them: the toned bodies of professional sportspeople, glistening in the summer sun, their muscles rippling under the glorious scrutiny of a televised super slo-mo…

After you re-surface from a reverie involving the enviable figure of your favourite tennis star, you might start to ponder how you could go about whipping your body into similarly flawless shape. The god(dess)-like forms of professional sportspeople are a thing of wonderment, and can often inspire us – particularly during the summer months – to improve our own lot. In cases such as these though, aesthetics might take priority over actual health benefits, even though the two ultimately go hand in hand.

Crafting a body on par of that of a professional sportsperson is much more easily said than done. Those of us whose working hours are dedicated to anything other than regular, intensive exercise – the vast majority of the population, then – might need to review a few different options to develop a sporting body.

Dietary changes

Depending on your body inspiration, you might be looking to slim down – or bulk up. If the latter is your objective, then lean proteins (fish, red meat, dairy products) and carbohydrates (fruits, paste, legumes) should make up a decent majority of your diet. It’s important to remember that this diet will only be of benefit if you’re undertaking the right sort of exercise to go with it. Of course, protein shakes will also help, but sacrificing your tastebuds for the sake of your muscles mightn’t necessarily be worth the trade-off.

Those looking to slim down should probably try to minimise their intakes of the proteins and carbs favoured by their bulking counterparts, and consider enlisting the help of tried and tested dieting aids like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.


Professional sportspeople have so many resources at their disposal: coaches, dieticians, physios, sponsors, exercise equipment – the works. Both time and money can impede the access us mere civilians have to these sorts of leg-ups. To compensate for the head start full-time athletes have in the body stakes, some might consider options like body sculpting in Melbourne, for instance.

The ability to skip the months of blood, sweat, and tears that define any long-term body transformation is always tempting. Services like the Me Clinic help customers to achieve their aesthetic goals in a short amount of time. Procedures like breast augmentation surgery even offer up possibilities that no sportsperson could achieve with mere exercise.

Work Bitch

You want a hot body? This is a tried and tested formula, if you’re willing to put in the hard yards. Develop an exercise plan that takes your day-to-day schedule into account, and stick to it. Make like Michelle Bridges, and remember that in any given workout, the mind is sure to reach breaking point well before the body.

If you can select the choice that will works best for you, and put in the effort – monetary, physical, emotional – that is required, then next summer you could be the envy of Roger, Maria, Novak and Eugenie.