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Wallabies Break All Blacks’ 17 Game Bledisloe Winning Streak

Bledisloe Cup. Photo:

Bledisloe Cup. Photo:

Last night the Australian Wallabies held on for an unconvincing draw against the New Zealand All Blacks in the first Bledisloe Cup game of the season. Much was expected of Kurtley Beale playing at No. 10, for the first time in two years, and much was directed at him by the All Blacks.

In rainy conditions, the two sides played a fast, taxing and brutal game; wearing away at each other in slippery conditions. The 12 – 12 score line definitely flattered the Australians.

Kurtley Beale and Israel Folau came in for special attention from the All Blacks. They were slowed with damaging tackles and relentless pressure. Beale threw several wayward passes, stymieing the Australian attack at crucial times of the game. He furthermore broke the hearts of Aussie fans by conceding a penalty, through not releasing the ball, in one of the more promising goal line raids.

But Beale showed his ability under the high ball. The New Zealanders peppered the five-eighth with bombs, hoping the slick ball would slip free for a penalty. Beale disappointed them.

Australia’s 12 points came through goal-kicking. Again Beale was hot and cold kicking at 80 per cent and ruing what might-have-been.

Folau suffered a nasty head clash in the first-half, as he slid into a team mate in search of the loose ball. Trainers were on in seconds. Folau had a serious cut and appeared wobbly on his feet, but refused to come off.

New Zealand’s Conrad Smith was absent from the side due to his wife giving birth to their first child.

During the game All Blacks Wyatt Crockett and Beauden Barrett were shown yellow cards by South African referee Jaco Peyper. But even with an extra man the Wallabies were unable to break the Kiwis heroic defense.

Aaron Cruden kicked four goals for all the New Zealanders’ points. The tie ends a 17 game winning streak for the All Blacks.

In all, the New Zealanders allowed the Australians into the match with a few uncharacteristic mistakes; mistakes not likely to be there when the teams meet again in Auckland next week.

Sport supplements – do we need them?


In the sporting world, supplement products are everywhere, and so is the controversy. Which ones are good for you, which ones are absolute rubbish, and what are the benefits of taking them? When it comes to working out, competing in sport events, or bettering your personal training efforts, the question remains if we actually need to take supplements. Everything from pills, powders and protein shakes are on the market, and it’s up to the individual to decide if it’s for them or not.


The issue with dietary supplements is knowing when and how to use them so that they actually help with nutrition goals. When used in the right way, with the right amount, at the right time, they can help an athlete train and compete at their best. Athletes with a busy schedule don’t always have time to get the nutrition they need, so sport supplements can be a good way to keep diets balanced and healthy. There’s also a huge convenient factor – it’s a lot easier to grab a gel or bar for a long cycle or run, than it is to squash a sandwich in your pocket!

In many cases sport supplements can be shown to directly enhance the performance of an athlete. There are a range of studies that have shown that sports drinks improve performance in prolonged exercise sessions, and more recently, in high-intensity events of about an hour. This is proof that some supplements are beneficial for both elite athletes and those training regularly.


supplementWhile most people think that if a product promises something, it has to be true, the same doesn’t always occur with sport supplements. In Australia, supplements that belong to the pill, potion and powder category fall under the control of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and are only required to prove that they don’t contain ingredients banned by custom laws. There is no requirement for these products to actually prove any benefits of the supplement. Sports foods, including bars and drinks, fall under the control of Food Standards Australia New Zealand. It’s these guys who provide regulations about the ingredients and labelling of sports foods. What most people don’t realise is that they also permit a limited number of claims to be made on the product package.

The brand names

There are plenty of names out there that fall under the category of sport supplements – Gatorade, Powerbar, Maxim – and most are considered acceptable forms of nutritional assistance. For athletes and regular exercise-fanatics, these supplements offer a range of benefits, if used at the right times for the right reasons. If you’re looking for somewhere to find more supplements – and where to buy them – Supplement Mania is a good place to start.

If you have the knowledge, and know how to apply it, sport supplements can be a useful tool for athletes in training. Because whether you’re an athlete or keen fitness fanatic, sometimes, we just need that extra boost in a workout, and all the sleep and food in the world can’t always provide it.

Physical education in Schools


Physical education in schools plays a central role in breaking down barriers to participation in sport,” the report says. “It provides significant health and social benefits. It was concerning to learn from experts Australia-wide that the education system no longer reliably provides the platform upon which much of the nation’s sporting activity is based.”

That proposal has universal support in the national sports community, which has noted with concern the dramatic drop in the physical abilities of young athletes coming into the elite system in the past 20 years as physical education has declined in schools.

“The young athletes we saw 20 years ago were vastly superior in all-round fitness and general co-ordination,” says Australian Institute of Sport athletics coach Craig Hilliard. “The ones we see now lack fine motor co-ordination.