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Ronda Rousey Takes Aim at Octagon Ring Girls

Image: "Arianny Celeste (crop)" by US Marine Corps - AriannyLopez.png. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Bantamweight world champion Ronda Rousey has taken the UFC to task for allegedly paying the ring girls more than some fighters.

Rousey, a two-time judo Olympian, said, “They (fighters) should get paid more than the ring girls.”

No one except the individuals involved knows how much any of them get paid. Neither the salaries of the fighters, nor those of ring girls have been disclosed by the UFC.

In both cases, however, the money they earn on the job is usually just the tip of the iceberg. Depending upon their contracts both the ring girls and the fighters can earn other monies as a consequence of their high profiles. Octagon cardholders Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer, for instance, are always being feted for glamour magazine photo-shoots. While several past and current UFC fighters (including Rousey herself) have accrued massive supplemental income from sources as diverse as movie acting.

One other variable Rousey seemed to forget was that the ring girls work a lot more frequently than the fighters. Where fighters may show up for fights twice or three times a year the ring girls do so that many times a week.

Granted, a ring girl doesn’t risk serious, long term physical damage as part of her job. But then neither does she receive the same kind of medical coverage.

“I don’t know if the ring girls get paid too much or the fighters don’t get paid enough,” Rousey said ahead of the build up to her UFC 184 conference. “But yeah, there’s definitely a lot more in what the fighters do than what they do. So I think that’s one thing that’s unfair.”

Rousey obviously doesn’t understand the demands made on the ring girls. Where a fighter has to diet to a certain weight prior to a fight, a ring girl has to maintain that weight all the time. As such, what she can and cannot do (dining, public appearances, sports that may injure their flawless skin etc.) extend well beyond wiggling around the Octagon two nights a week.

McGregor Eyeing a Showdown with Pettis for Lightweight Belt


It’s three months before MMA superstar Conor McGregor fights Jose Aldo for the featherweight title, but already he has his sights set on Anthony Pettis’ lightweight belt.

Conor McGregor doesn’t lack confidence. And why would he. After demolishing the highly respected Dennis Siver in UFC 183 McGregor ran into the crowd to taunt the incumbent champ, Aldo. No one has claimed to hear what words were spoken between the two, but you can be sure both men are taking the other seriously.

For McGregor, then, to already be looking past Aldo is either the height of confidence or utter madness.

“I think is would be a great fight,” said McGregor about fighting Pettis for his lightweight title. “Definitely 155 (pound division) is in my future. Anthony is phenomenal on the feet. He’s got good jiu-jitsu. I feel it would be a great fight. It’s a fight I have my eyes on.

“As I grow, 155 will be more comfortable to get to. It (cutting weight) will be less stress on the body.”

McGregr believes his training with UFC welterweights Cathal Pendred and Gunnar Nelson will help him if he decides to move up weight divisions.

“I have no problem going right up to welterweight to be honest. We’ll see. I am young. I am 26 years-old. We’ll see what opportunities present themselves.”

McGregor and Aldo have a showdown for the featherweight title at UFC 189 on the 11th of July.

Jake Matthews On Keeping his Head


21 year-old Aussie Jake Matthews knows he’s lucky. The rising UFC star was lucky to even make it onto the TUF show.

Two years ago Matthews, then 19, was nearly overlooked for entry into the house, despite his enviable 6-0 MMA record. The UFC wanted to pit a team of Aussie fighters against a team of Canadians. Because the TUF houses contain alcohol, in the US the legal drinking age is 21, because Jake was below the age of consent he was ineligible.

But he was urged to try out anyway.

This was the best advice he was ever given for two reasons:

  1. He carved a swathe through the competition, destroying opponents, he reached the qualification with ease.
  2. The UFC decided to hold the series in Canada – where the legal drinking age is 19.

And just like that Jake Matthews was thrust into the mixed marital arts cauldron of TUF and the world stage.

The experience and training he received from the House was invaluable. The season didn’t go as the Australians hoped. The Aussies were hopelessly over-matched against vastly better trained and prepared Canadian fighters. Robert Whittaker was the standout Australian, defeating his opponents and winning his weight division.

But many saw the potential Matthews possessed.

After filming had finished Australian UFC contender Kyle Noke invited Matthews to the US and his training camp. He flew to Albuquerque and spent several weeks training with Kyle, Jon Jones, and his team. For a young man at the beginning of his career I was another incredibly serendipitous experience.

And Matthews knows it.

He’s trying to keep a level head and learn as much as he can. To aim too high, too soon, he knows, would be foolish. But with the right guidance, patience, and a ton of practice Matthews (and those around him) believe he could become Australia’s first MMA world champion.

Allenby Saga Takes Another Turn


The story of pro golfer Robert Allenby’s abduction and robbery has been contradicted by yet another witness.

Chris Khamis, 47, a homeless man in the area where Allenby alleges he was bashed and robbed, has come forward. He alleges that Allenby hurt himself by falling over and hitting his face on a rock.

He told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser he was with Allenby shortly before the golfer injured himself. Allenby seemed depressed with his result in the Sony Open earlier that day. Khmais also said Allenby believed he had been drugged while at a strip club he’d recently been to.

When asked about the actual incident involving Allenby hurting himself Khamis is honest: “There was not crime (when I was present). It was his stupidity.

“He (Allenby) passed out and hit his head. I was there. Nobody pushed him out of a car.”

Khamis’ testimony echoes that of another man, Toa Kaili, who told the Herald Sun that Allenby was “beyond tipsy”.

Kaili said he had been with the golfer on several occasions during the evening, only at their last meeting did Allenby have a “busted up” face.

On the previous occasion, said Kaili, Allenby was passed out on the footpath. He says it took him 10 minutes to revive him and another 8 minutes to get him to his feet.

“He was beyond tipsy,” said Kaili, “he was blitzed.”

“He (Allenby) then started saying, ‘Where’s the other guy? You gave him the keys: to get the keys.’”

Kaili then claims Allenby turned on him and his friend, accusing them of robbing him.

Angry at being treated this way Mr Kaili says he then left, leaving him with his friend Chris Khamis.

When he returned 30 minutes later Allenby was wiping blood off his face.

“What the hell happened?” he asked his friend.

Mr Khamis responded, “I tried to hail him a cab. He was rocking back and forth, nodded off and face-planted into this damn jagged rock.”

Honolulu police are still treating the case as “a second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of credit card.”

However, there has been no indication the police are investigating Allenby’s allegation of kidnapping.

12- Gauge Paige Wins Debut Fight

Paige VanZant wins fight. Image:

115 pound straw weight contender Paige VanZant has shown she is more than a pretty face. On the weekend she won her first UFC event against highly rated Kailin Curran (3-0) via third round TKO. The two girls thrilled the crowd with tenacity and technique, which saw them win $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus.

Paige ’12 gauge’ VanZant was thrilled to have her arm raised by the referee, saying the win only made her hungrier for more.

VanZant originally began combat training out of boredom. She began with boxing, throwing all of her diminutive 115 pounds into ever drill and punch. Soon her coaches were telling her she had potential (in MMA) and would she consider a career?

VanZant thought they were joking.

“I was just 15 at the time, and I never imagined something like that (the win over Curran or $50,000 fight prize).”When I turned 18 theyasked if I would take a fight and I said, ‘Yeah.’ I won it and all of a sudden there was all this interest and all these opportunities. I had just one amateur fight, then my coach got a call for a pro fight for me. I thought about it and said, ‘If I’m going to fight anyway, I might as well get paid for it.’”

Piage VanZant. Image:

Piage VanZant. Image:

But it hasn’t been all plain sailing for the former cheerleader. She was turned down for The Ultimate Fighter because of her age. Then she lost to current TUF housemate Tecia Torres. This was followed by an 18-monthlong hiatus from the sport because of a serious neck injury.

But after her recent win VanZant has “realised I want to make it a career in the cage.”

Keep your eye on this fighter people.

Chael Sonnen Dismisses Wanderlai Silva

Chael P SonnenControversial MMA fighter Chael P. Sonnen has dismissed Wanderlai ‘the Axe Murderer’ Silva with a few brief and disparaging remarks. ‘Stupid people say stupid things,’ he said about Silva’s most recent and somewhat outlandish comments to the press.

Chael Sonnen and Wanaderlai Silva were opposing coaches on this season of the Brazilian Ultimate Fighter reality television series. Before the show even began the two revealed their distaste for one another with a spirited and impromptu fight in the TUF gym. Since then relations between the two have only worsened.

But as the world looked forward to the two thrashing out their differences in the Octagon disappointment loomed. First Silva succumbed to a succession of injuries that pushed their fight dates back from UFC 173 to 175. And then more recently Silva was removed from the contest altogether for not taking part in a mandatory drug test.

Silva is holding to the story it was all ‘a confusion’. He claims ‘some guys he has never seen before’ showed up at his gym speaking English and demanding he sign some papers. Unsure what was expected of him Silva did nothing.

Sonnen, by contrast, is claiming that Silva just doesn’t want to fight him. Their barbed interactions in the most recent Brazilian Ultimate Fighter season, he believes, were enough for even Wanderlai to see the hopelessness of getting into the ring with him.

Sonnen believes he will ultimately end up fighting Anthony Johnson.