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Fight Cared Announced for UFC Melbourne

Robbie lawler image:

Australian MMA fans were thrilled at the announcement of the headliners for UFC 193 in Melbourne.

Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler is set to defend his title against former interim titleholder Carlos Condit. This is a fight all fans want to see.

Lawler (26-10) stunned the world with his comeback victory against Rory MacDonald at UFC 189. Trailing MacDonald 3-1 Lawler entered the fifth round knowing he had to finish Lawler to win. He unleashed an all-or-nothing flurry of punches against his opponent to win in what many ae describing as Fight of the Year.

Condit (30-8) is no slouch either. Of his 30 fights only two have gone the distance. Condit became interim champion by defeating the fearsome Nick Diaz in 2012. While the fight was boring and Condit was accused of fighting defensively he has shown when he senses blood in the water he’s as lethal a fighter as anyone on the planet.

More recently Condit was sidelined with a torn ACL from a fight last year against the hulking Tyron Woodley.

After 14 months recuperating he returned in May this year to finish the respected Thiago Alves in Brazil and earn his title shot.

Lead writer for the Bleacher Report, Jeremy Botter, described the Lawler – Condit match-up as a bit of a surprise. “Many expected Lawler to defend his championship against Hendricks. The two have already fought twice, with each scoring a close victory. Hendricks has been vocal about wanting the next title shot, and it seemed a lock that he would be the man to face Lawler next.”

While the date is set, 14 November, the venue isn’t. The UFC have to decide between Etihad Stadium or Rod Laver Arena. Australian MMA fighters Mark Hunt, Robert Whittaker and Jake Matthews are hoping to be included on the fight card. While American Matt Mitrione has called out Bigfoot Silva in a dialogue that escalated quickly.

Lame Duck ASADA Waiting to Die



The noose is tightening around the ASADA drugs probe with lawyers for the Essendon AFL club lodging an injunction to have the probe dismantled.

34 Essendon players, who have been on the ASADA list since 2012, have been sent ‘show cause’ letters. These are letters asking the players to do ASADA’s job for them – effectively asking the players to prove their innocence so that ASADA doesn’t have to prove their guilt.

The injunction form the Essendon lawyers seeks prevent the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel form being able to take the next step in this endless saga – placing the 34 players on another list: the Register of Findings. The Register of Findings is the step before infraction notices are issued to the players for doping. And then the whole thing goes to court.

Last week the players were granted an extension until July 11 to respond to the ‘show cause’ letters (another delay). But lawyers are now moving to end the pointless, endless debacle once and for all.

And who could blame them?

Nothing has happened from day one of this probe. Nothing is happening. Nothing will happen with the endless extensions and zero investigations and reporting from the panel.

ASADA have at every stage sought to do nothing and delay the process of the inquiry. The latest step comes as lawyers for Essendon complain that their requests for ‘appropriate undertakings’ have been ignored. “We have written three times to ASADA’s lawyers seeking their co-operation to ensure this matter is dealt with quickly by the court and that pending a quick hearing, the investigation and show cause process be halted,” said Josh Bornstein, a lawyer representing the Bombers.

Of more benefit to everyone would be an inquiry into stupefying lack of results from ASADA and a disclosure of the amounts of money they have wasted.

Melbourne Madness


Melbournians could be forgiven for breathing a collective sigh of relief at the end of this week, when the Australian Open – this year characterised by extreme heat in the early rounds, and shock exits of some loftily-seeded players – wraps up and the international tennis stars shuffle off. That sigh seems unlikely to eventuate, though, given the slew of other events sure to keep sports fans entertained.

Melbourne has, in the past, been heralded as the sporting capital of the world. Whether or not this label is deserved, it’s certain that the city is never short on high quality sporting drawcards, with international stars forever jetting in and out. If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that it’s been a busy season for the Melbourne hotel industry – and for good reason.


If you’re not a fan of the sport, you could be forgiven for feeling like this year’s summer of cricket has dragged on for far too long. Unfortunately, as a cricket abstainer, you’d also be in the minority there.

Australia and England will face off once again at the MCG on the last day of January. At this point the result seems all but assured. It’s important, though, that the Australian team don’t rest on their laurels, as so many teams in their position would do. Redoubling their efforts and not relying purely on the momentum of this summer will ensure that Clarke and co. maintain the incredible winning streak they’ve been experiencing.

To get a true indication of just how taxing this summer has been for English fans, you could consider checking in to a Melbourne CBD hotel populated by Poms. Their howls of woe and admissions of lethargy are sure to make this match all the more enjoyable for Australian spectators, and victory all the sweeter for our own excellent team.

Formula 1 Grand Prixmelboure-shin

As soon as the words “Grand Prix” are uttered, most of us can almost hear the roaring of engines, and smell the burning of rubber. This year – as always – the event will not only attract adrenaline junkie drivers and their incredible machines, but also a nest of celebrities and a sea of crowds. The Grand Prix is certainly in the top tier of annual sports outings hosted by Melbourne – along with the Open and the Melbourne Cup – and is not to be missed by motoring enthusiasts. The high esteem in which the event is held means that leaving bookings to the last minute can result in a desperate, often disappointing scramble for tickets and accommodation. Rev-heads who have brains to match, then, should be sure to book a room at Hotel Urban Melbourne as far in advance as possible. On your marks, get set…!


Compared to the adrenaline of the Grand Prix, the 2014 Handa Australian Women’s Open is sure to be a civilised – if at times still cutthroat – event. This year’s tournament will attract many of the world’s top ten female golfers, including defending champion Jiyai Shin. The standard of the game is excellent, so we can only hope that the media gives this tournament the attention it warrants.

Excitement Builds for Australian Open 2014

australian open 2014

One of the most exciting and eminent events on the sporting calendar in Australia is back with a vengeance in January. With higher levels of doting than a Taylor Swift concert, more grunts than a gorilla park and greater controversy than a DRS cricket scandal, it can only be one thing…the beloved Australian Open. The 2014 tournament is being held in Melbourne from 13-26th January.

The Asia Pacific Grand Slam is one of the most important tennis tournaments of the year because it sets the tone for the tennis players as they begin a fresh year
of competition. The 2014 tournament is of particular significance because it marks the return of Andy Murray following months of injury and it heralds the 10th anniversary of Roger Federer’s first Australian Open victory, an act which the tennis legend is adamant on repeating.

The Australian Open provides Australians with the important advantage of playing on their own home turf and being cheered on by an explosive home crowd. Our Aussie tennis players are ready for a fierce few weeks of competition against the best players in the world. The top seeded Aussies, Bernard Tomic and Samantha Stosur are ready to don their green and gold and make the country proud after an intense period of preparation leading up to the tournament. Former number one, Lleyton Hewitt is reportedly back to his peak fitness and is feeling better than he has in years. Wildcards, Casey Dellacqua and newcomer 19-year-old Jordan Thompson will bring fresh blood and vigour to an all-star lineup.

99 of the top 100 players in both the men and women’s open competition will be pitting racquet against racquet in what is set to be one of the most entertaining competitions in years. With appearances from returning victors, Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka, as well as current world number one’s Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams, you want to strap yourself in for two weeks of thrilling, world class tennis. 

The stakes are even higher this year with an increase of $3 million in prize winnings to a massive $33 million. CEO of Tennis Australia, Craig Tiley reports, “these incredible athletes deserve every cent and we will continue to do everything in our power to make the life of an international professional tennis player more worthwhile”.

On top of the prize money increase, the Australian Open 2014 will also see a heavily improved sporting complex following the Victorian Government’s $336 million redevelopment project of Margaret Court Arena (MCA). The MCA now has a large new roof providing over 3200mof shade to seated areas. There are also extra bridges for increased ease of access and more locker rooms, gyms, and rest facilities for players. 

Rather than stagnantly watching the tennis by yourself from behind the divide of the television screen, you want to ensure you are part of the action for this incredible tournament. The priceless atmosphere of the Australian Open is a once-in-a-year opportunity and it is the perfect time to make a trip to Melbourne. With the unprecedented skill level present at the tournament and so much competition fervour from players looking to make a comeback or preserve their title, you’ll be kicking yourself if you’re not in Melbourne in January 2014.

Make the trip easier by staying at a Melbourne CBD hotel simply around the corner from the arena. Ticket prices are already on the rise due to such high demand, and both flights and Melbourne hotel prices will only follow suit. Book now to avoid increased prices, or missing out altogether. Check out the Australian Open and Australian Open Series Ticket Guide for all the information on how to get tickets and to make your stay in Melbourne much smoother and easier. Visit Ticketek to secure yourself tickets to to the exhilarating tournament now. For convenient and comfortable accommodation, book yourself a room at Urban Hotel Melbourne before they all sell out.


The Australian Open 2014

Australian Open

Tennis might not seem like the most outrageous sport around, but when you put a whole bunch of tennis players in the one area, battling it out for first place in the Australian Open, it tends to get pretty extreme. Tensions are rising, crowds are cheering, and everyone is on edge for this fantastic show of athleticism. The Australian Open is a national icon, with people coming from all over the world to little old Melbourne. The city becomes swamped with tennis fever, and everywhere you go someone is talking about one match or another. The Australian Open is coming back to Melbourne for another exhilarating sporting extravaganza, and it’s one Australian event you won’t want to miss!

The Australian Open 2014

Australian OpenFrom 13th until 26th January 2014, the Australian Open will completely takeover Melbourne. Tickets are already on sale for this exciting showcase of exceptional tennis, and the hype is already building. Imagine sitting in the Rod Laver Arena and watching pros like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer battle it out for the champion title.

Prior to the commencement of the Australian Open, there will be final qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds are held at Melbourne Park from Wednesday 9th January to Saturday 12th January. Entry is free with gates opening at 9:30am each day. Along with these events, there are a fantastic range of other special events that make the Australian Open just that much more diverse and accessible. Don’t miss the kids’ tennis day on Saturday 12th January in the Garden Square. The day will involve a whole host of tennis-related activities and entertainment for the kids.

Australian OpenFrom 23rd to 26th January, the Australian Open Wheelchair Championships will be held, featuring eight of the world’s top male and female players, as well as four of the world’s top quad players. This special event is an inspirational aspect of the Australian Open that reminds everyone just how exciting it can be to be a part of a sport like tennis.

And of course no event would be complete without a few entertainment surprises. Expect big stars like Bluejuice, the Rubens, Julia Stone and Wolfmother to perform at the Australian Open. In Garden Square, you’ll find everything from an autograph stand and fan zone, to magazine booths, where all your favourite tennis players will no doubt be roaming around.

Australian OpenWhen you’re visiting Melbourne, you’ll also want some great Melbourne CBD hotel accommodation. At the end of a long day chasing tennis matches and stalking the tennis stars, you’ll want a relaxing, comfortable place to put your feet up in. The Swanston Hotel offers all this and more, with a restaurant and bar for easy meals, a range of rooms to suit all visitors, and the ideal proximity to all that Melbourne has to offer. Check out The Swanston Hotel website for more information and a few sweet specials too.

The Australian Open is an exciting and outrageous sporting event to be a part of. With the atmosphere positively buzzing through the city, you’ll love the feeling of cheering on your favourites in a crowd full of tennis enthusiasts. Tickets to the major events will sell out quick, so book your tickets, book your hotel, and check out everything the Australian Open has to offer.