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Brazilian Surf Champion Shot Dead

Ricardo dos Santos

Brazilian professional surfer Ricardo dos Santos has lost his life after being shot several times in the stomach and chest outside his beachside home. The 24-year-old suffered a perforated lung and kidney and died after four operations failed to stop his bleeding. It is still not entirely sure how the shooting occurred but Brazilian media have reported that police have arrested a young man and his 17-year-old brother. The older man has been identified as an off-duty police officer – 25 year-old military police officer Luis Paulo Mota Brentano – who claims he shot dos Santos in self-defence and that his behaviour was justified. His brother alleges that two men, one being dos Santos, threatened them with knives near Embaú Guard beach, Brazil.

Ricardo dos Santos was a popular personality who made waves on the world surfing scene in 2012 when he eliminated fellow competitors Taj Burrow, Jordy Smith and Kelly Slater at the Billabong pro competition in Tahiti – on the notorious Teahupo?o reef break. He also picked up the Andy Irons award for Most Committed Performance and in 2013 was awarded The Wave of The Winter for an impressive barrel he caught at Hawaii’s Pipeline. Fans and fellow surfers alike have gathered at Pipeline in honour and remembrance of their friend and hero, a man described as “one of the greatest barrel riders of his short time” (Kelly Slater). Fellow surfer and good friend, Adriano de Souza, posted on Facebook saying he had lost a “great friend…a cheerful person, good hearted and good about life”. Brazilian surfer, Gabriel Medina asked “Why does this happen to good people?” and wrote that dos Santos was “always helping others, smiling from ear to ear everyday”.

Dos Santos’ passing is all the more tragic given his own personal efforts to curb violence in the Embaú Guard area of Brazil. In 2011 he posted on social media imploring his local community to unite together and”put an end to this farce”. He was bothered that people did not value the beauty and purity of the area he called home. The fact that Ricardo’s killer was a member of the police force who are meant to protect its citizens is a sad reflection of Brazil’s internal social and often violent problems.

Ricardo dos Santos passed away the day after being shot after many operations and 40 litres worth of blood transfusions, some of which were donated after fellow surfers posted online asking specifically for blood donations (due to a national shortage of blood in Brazil). The tragedy is a senseless loss of life highlighting the growing number of murders yearly in Brazil, a beautiful yet scary place to be.


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Surfing, an outrageous sport!

The Grom elnino outrageous sports surfing

You might be thinking, surfing has been around for a while, and it’s not exactly an outrageous sport. Well, it’s time to think a little harder. Surfing involves jumping on a little board made of relatively fragile fibreglass, strapping it to your leg and running straight into the ocean. You paddle out past the breaking waves, then proceed to catch these monsters back in, with nothing to protect you. Surfing is outrageous, no matter what anyone says, and it certainly is impressive too. To watch the heavyweights like Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore take on some of the biggest waves in the world, skating over coral reefs and dodging other surfers, is outrageous. The entire sport relies on good balance and a hell of a lot of guts, because let’s face it, not many of us would paddle out to waves that spell disaster. It’s about time these athletes got some outrageously deserved recognition…

To get started…

You’ll need a board, a wetsuit (if the water’s cold), and that’s basically it. Once you’re out in the water, surfing doesn’t require much more. Initially, you’ll need to get a leg rope and wax for your board, but as far as outrageous sports go, the requirements are pretty minimal. If you’re dying to get out in the water, buy online an Elnino Sorftboards in Australia - you can’t go wrong. The major Aussie brand, The Grom, has got your back when you decide it’s time to get serious about surfing. And if you’re new to the sport – a grom if you will – go buy online Foam Elnino Surfboards in Australia. You’ll find all the extras you need for surfing here too – board covers, board racks, wetsuits and more.

surfingThe pros…

The pro surfing champions are making headlines around the world, and not just for their sponsorships or swimsuits. No, surfing superstars are showing the world just how dangerous, exhilarating and outrageous surfing is as a sport, and putting surfing on the map. Insider Monkey did a killer countdown of the top 11 surfing champions in history. It’s unfortunate that no girls made it on the list, despite showing the boys how it’s done as of late. At the rate they’re going, it won’t be long before female surfers go down in surfing legend history. On this particular list, names like Gerry Lopez, who was arguably the best tube rider ever, and Andy Irons, who when alive was a keen rival of Kelly Slater, sat proudly on the list.

Kelly Slater came in second, winning just about every award ever possible for surfing. He’s World Champion 11 times over, and can be described as to surfing what Michael Jordan is to basketball. Number 1 spot went to Jay Moriarty, whose surfing legend lives on despite his death at just 22. At 16, he rode Mavericks, California’s biggest waves, and became a virtual surfing celebrity overnight.

And just in case we haven’t convinced you of the outrageousness that is the surfing culture, we leave you with a video of Laird Hamilton, one of the best big wave surfers of all time, showcasing the real intensity of surfing. For this reason, it’s fair to say this sport is downright outrageous.