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Courntey Hancock & Liz Pluimers Set for Showdown in Newcastle

Ironwoman Courtney Hancock has opened up about her rivalry with Northcliff club compatriot Liz Pluimers.

Both women are premier athletes in one of the world’s most gruelling sports: The Nutri-Grain Iron Woman Series. But personal differences have produced deep divisions between the two.

But their antagonism has fuelled each woman to beat the other.

Hancock has won the crown three times, including last season. Pluimer has won the title twice. And neither wants to finish behind the other.

Currently Pluimers has an impressive 10-point lead going into this week’s final round in Newcastle. A win here would see her tie up the series and even her title count against Hancock.

“We have different beliefs on how we do things,” Hancock told the Daily Telegraph. “And I don’t think we got along from the start and it has always been that way.

“We have the same love for the sport, but we don’t talk

‘It drives me when I’m racing, because Liz is a great athlete and I want to get out there and beat her.

“I think that drive also helps me go to limits I haven’t been to before.”

Hancock is starring in a Nutri-Grain Sports Stars Challenge on Channel 9 in 2015. She has spent a lot of time filming the show, but refuses to use it as an excuse for her recent form slump (now 6th on the ladder).

“It’s definitely hurt my racing this year, but everything happens for a reason and you’ll see me return next year a bit more focused.

“That’s why I want to finish the season in Newcastle with a strong result and hopefully a win.