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Tanya Beths Set for Beach Handball World Championships

Sporting polymath Tanya Bets is set to take on the biggest challenge of her life. The former Australian cheerleader and beach volley-baller has qualified for the beach handball world championships in Brazil next month and she plans to make her mark.

Tanya is no stranger to big occasions; but representing her country in one of the world’s fastest growing sports is a lot of pressure.

Tanya Beths. Photo:

Tanya Beths. Photo:

Beach handball is played by the same rules as European handball. Each team has three players and a goalkeeper. Goals are worth a single point, but bonuses are awarded for style shots. And the style shots can make all the difference.

‘At this level,’ Tanya tells us, ‘everyone aims to pull off these shots.’

Tanya became interested in beach handball during the volleyball off-season. To begin with she played it as a way to maintain her fitness. There were many transferrable skills between the two sports and she soon rose to the notice of national team scouts.

Brazil are the currently the world champions. So to play the world champions in their own country will be a daunting task. But Tanya is more than up for it. ‘This is the strongest team we’ve ever had,’ she says, referring to the Australian squad. ‘There is a depth of skill in this team, with all the other athletes competing who have represented Australia in other sports.’

Tanya believes the Australians have a better than fair chance of meeting the Brazilians in the semi-finals.

It’s a meeting she is relishing.