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What Some Women Do to Sleep with Football Stars

Helen McCabe Image:

Jesinta Campbell, 23 year-old model and fiancée of Buddy Franklin, recently gave some surprising answers when she was quizzed about domestic violence and sportsmen.

Ms Campbell was taking part in a Let’s Talk discussion with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick and editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Helen McCabe when she dropped her bombshell.

“With my experience of Lance,” she said, “obviously he’s such a gentleman, he’s the man that’s going to be my husband. I haven’t seen anything with him.

“But with other men I’ve definitely seen it – and the most shocking thing for me is the way you see some women, or women in general, act around these sports stars.

“I’ve seen things in clubs that would make their mothers’ skin crawl. I’ve seen girls lift skirts up and put men’s hands under their skirts.

“You see a lot,” she said, referring to the Melbourne nightclub seen. “It’s almost like they will do.

anything to have the glory of being with a footballer. How do we change that?” she asked

No one had an answer.

It’s heresy to even consider a woman’s actions (any actions) as provocative. Women’s groups have hitherto focused 100 per cent of their, and the nation’s, attention on changing the attitudes of men.

Campbell’s comments echoed sentiments espoused in the 2006 documentary Footy Chicks. The film followed a small group of women who pursued footballers as sexual conquests. It showed the extraordinary lengths, guile, and cunning used by the women for their own gratification, regardless of the often dire consequences for their prey.

Men, it seems, are the only ones held accountable for their actions.

Titans Post First 2015 Win – But Still a Long Way to Go

The struggling Gold Coast Titans have posted their first win of the 2015 season. On the weekend they overcame a hapless Cronulla Sharks to move to 1-3 for the season.

Saved from certain extinction by the NRL, plagued by drug charges against five of its senior players, and wracked with systemic failures and a dwindling support base the Titans are playing for their survival this year.

Captain Nate Myles said, “We need to create more of a winning feeling through the team.” This as the Titans admitted their reluctance to renew Myles’ contract for 2016.

Coach Neil Henry is fighting to keep his Captain at the club. But it seems the recruiting department have other ideas.

In-form centre James Roberts has been whispered to be high on the Titans’ re-signing wish list.

The 22 year-old is attracting attention from other clubs, but says he is happy playing for the Coast.

Once considered the fastest man in the NRL, Roberts spent most of last season on the sidelines with a broken ankle. He has now played 16 consecutive matches for the sky blues and has scored a creditable 20 tries in 32 matches. Roberts says he is finding form again and is keen to put more points on the board.

Roberts was sensational against Cronulla on the weekend. He blew past defenders to score two tries – one of which involved a heart-stopping intercept in the last five minutes of the game. He also wrestled the ball away from a Cronulla attacker to put big Dave Taylor over for another.

Roberts was yet another reject picked up by the Titans for a song. Penrith cut him loose early last year and Roberts says he is keen to repay the club.

King Calls for Mandatory State-Funded MRIs for Boxers

Injured boxer Image:

Queensland boxer Shannon King took to the canvas on the weekend against talented super middle-weight Liam Hutchinson. The two fought at the Mansfield tavern on Saturday, the first sanctioned boxing match since the death of Toowoomba fighter Braydon Smith.

King is a boxing trainer, coach of Reds rugby star Quade Cooper, veteran fighter, gym owner and long-time advocate for mandatory, government-funded MRI scans for combat athletes.

Professional fighters are required to have regular scans in South Australia, but no such checks are required in Queensland. Individuals may decide to get the scans done, but they then face a hefty $250 bill.

“We need bulk billed MRIs for fighters,” said Smith. “It is $250 for each MRI, so promoters can’t afford that.

“If a promoter has ten fights, that’s 20 fighters and $5,000 – and who can afford that?

“If you are a professional athlete in a combat sport you should be able to access an MRI every six months for free from the government.”

At the same time king said, “Football is more dangerous than boxing. Since I have trained Quade (Cooper) he has had a shoulder reconstruction, a broken collarbone, and he was knocked out in a Test in England.

“In that same time I have had five boxing fights and all I have had is 12 stitches.”

On wonders then if King believes all footballers should have access to free MRIs as well?

Todd Carney Wins Case for Unfair Dismissal


It seems you get the justice you pay for.

NRL tribunal chairman Ian Callinan QC has found in favour of Todd Carney, ruling his dismissal from the Cronulla sharks was unfair.

It was found Carney was not given adequate legal opportunity to plead his case before the Cronulla Sharks board.

The ruling opens a tiny window of opportunity for Carney’s re-admission to the NRL.

Should Carney wish to pursue a return his next step would be to lodge an unfair dismissal claim with the Industrial Relations commission. This would most likely be as expensive as it will be drawn-out. The kind of case every lawyer loves.

Chairman of the Cronulla Sharks, Damian Keogh, said the club accepted the decision of the NRL appeals committee. But he was quick to add that even despite the team’s recent poor performance they had no intention of reinstating their playmaker.

“The big oversight was that someone needed to check that the process being followed was correct,” he said to The Sunday Telegraph.

“What’s important to remember here is that it’s not a question of the facts. It’s a question of the process. But the reality of the situation is the decision would likely have been the same.

“I wouldn’t’ rule out Todd Carney returning to the NRL one day. But from my point of view there has been a lot of water that has flowed under the bridge since last June.”

Carney now plays for the English Premier League team the Catalan Dragons. He is currently sidelined with broken ribs.

Calls for NRL Trading Period Get Louder

Image: "Daly Cherry-Evans" by paddynapper - Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

In the wake of the Daley Cherry-Evans and Keiran Foran defections from Manly calls for a trading window in the NRL are getting louder.

The National Rugby League is the only competition in the world without a trading window. This means that negotiations can take anytime. The problem with this is – as has spectacularly happened with Cherry-Evans – players can have their contracts formalised a season out from joining their new club.

Knowing a player is leaving for another club at the end of the season puts pressure on the incumbent clubs to get as much out of their player before they leave – often wearing out the player and risking injury. The player, on the other hand, has lost their investment in the club they are playing for, and wants to do as little as they can while honouring their contract.

The players around the off-contract player begin to view their one-time teammate with suspicion. Will they tell their new club about player weaknesses or favourite tactics? Can they be relied upon to give their all each game?

In the end it’s the fans that lose the most. Players they have spent years following and identifying with will be lining up against their side. Clubs that have spent tens of thousands of dollars bringing these players through the junior grades see their investment walking out the front door. And rugby league itself suffers, as things like loyalty and commitment are shown to have no place in the modern game.

DCE Signs with Beleaguered Titans

Image: "Daly Cherry-Evans" by paddynapper - Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Manly playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans has done the unthinkable and signed with the moribund Gold Coast Titans. Whether or not the Titans will even be in the NRL next year is a pressing question. But for Manly the news has an immediate and dire impact.

But first things first:

Evans announced his departure in the locker room only minutes after Friday’s drubbing by the Eels. He will be joining the troubled Titans on a four-year deal beginning in 2016.

How the Titans – with a rollcall of players in trouble with the law, five players currently suspended pending drug charges, a litany of financial mismanagement, ever dwindling supporter base, and debts so monumental they had to be bailed out by the NRL – ever landed a marquee player like Cherry-Evans will be a mystery up there with the Mary Celeste.

In fact, for a club teetering on the brink of bankruptcy you have to wonder where the money is coming from.

For the Manly fans, players and club this is yet another blow to morale and their hopes of returning from the premiership wilderness.

Anthony Watmough, one of the more recently Manly departures, describes the club’s culture as “toxic”. Watmough, Glenn Stewart, and super-coach Des Hasler have recently left the club after ver public, very bitter disagreements.

Playmaker Kieran Foran was injured in Friday night’s game and is unlikely to return any time soon.

Furthermore, the signing of Willie Mason to the club doesn’t bode well. Mason (long regarded as the laziest man in the NRL) has underwhelmed virtually every club he has belonged to. It’s not that he lacks ability, he just seems to lack drive. Something the Sea Eagles are going to need in spades if they want to dig themselves out of the toxicity and bad news that has dogged them through the off-season.

Now, it seems, Cherry-Evans is likely to play a half-hearted season (and possibly be viewed with suspicion by his team mates – He has already been given the nickname ‘Yoko Ono’). Coach Toovey (who has never quite reached his predecessor’s ability) is going to continue to alienate his players with his abrupt and insensitive manner. And what was once the most envied playing roster in the league will continue to leak superstars.

For many it appears Manly’s season is over before it even began.

More Named in Titan’s Cocaine-Syndicate


The drug scandal engulfing the Gold Coat Titans just gets worse.

Two more players have been charged and ordered to appear in court.

This brings the number of Titans’ players facing legal action for possessing or supplying cocaine to four.

Outside back Kalifa Faifai Loa and former squad member Joe Vickery were served with court notices over the weekend.

They have refused to comment on the charges against them.

The Titans already have players Beau Falloon and Jamie Dowling on charges of allegedly supplying cocaine to friends and colleagues.

This latest announcement has plunged the club into yet more crisis meetings.

Coach Neil Henry stepped into the vacant spot after his predecessor, John Cartwright, was unceremoniously sacked late last year. Over the summer Henry has tried to drill last year’s whipping boys into something approaching a competitive side.

But the Titans have been hamstrung by stupendous debts, long-running allegations of financial impropriety, an endless list of off-field run-ins with the law, mediocre on-field results, loss of training facilities, and ever dwindling game-day attendances.

As such, attracting and keeping fans and sponsors has been, and will continue to be, a real challenge for the club.



BREAKING NEWS: Titans and Australian Test players Greg Bird and Dave Taylor have been named person’s of interest by investigators. Police are now concentrating their probe on six Titans and Karmichael Hunt, from the Reds.


Footy Show Fight Night Debacle


Regardless of the outrageous mismatch All Blacks superstar Liam Messam says he is ‘shaking’ ahead of tomorrow his boxing debut tomorrow night.

For his first professional fight the New Zealand giant is facing Rhys Sullivan, a man who has been knocked out in all three of his previous fights.

To say the fight card is mismatched in tomorrow night’s inaugural Footy Show Fight Night is an understatement. There would be more competition in just shooting the non-footballers on the card.

But Messam went through the usual media hype to spruik the match and I suppose I’m duty bound to report it: “When we (he and Sonny Bill Williams) were driving here I saw ANZ stadium across the road and I thought, ‘I could easily go out there and play in front of a full stadium in a Bledisloe Cup game’.  I walk in here, I’m shaking, the nerves are going.”

Messam says he has watched boxing all his life. He has trained since he was a teenager, but only started boxing as an amateur after becoming friends with Sonny Bill Williams at the Chiefs Super.

“It (boxing) has helped me all my career. When I moved up to the Chiefs I was doing a lot of boxing in the off-season. I just never had the gonads to jump in the ring and turn it into a fight,” said Messam.

“I’m lucky enough to have had three fights now (Fight for Life charity events). It definitely helps the fitness side of things and the mental side of things – You’ve got to be pretty mentally tough to be boxing.

“You’ve also got to keep your cool in the ring, and that helps in footy. When you get into pressure situations in a big game, you know you can really dig deep and just do your job when it matters most.”

He’ll have no trouble doing his job tomorrow.

EX-Crim’s Allowed Back Into NRL, So Why Not Me? Asks Todd Carney


NRL outcast Todd Carney hasn’t run out onto the paddock for his Catalan Dragons yet already he is considring a return to Australian Rugby League.

“I haven’t been in jail, haven’t bashed my wife, haven’t sold drugs to kids or done drugs, and those are the players who seem to be allowed back in,” he said to reporters.

Nor, it must be said, has he been involved in performance enhancing supplements.

Carney blew onto the national rugby league seen as a precociously talented 17 year-old in 2004 with the Canberra Raiders. Since then he has amassed a string of alcohol-related offences that has seen him banned from driving, banned from setting foot in his home town of Goulburn and, eventually, banned from playing rugby league in Australia.

And while many of his offences have been dealt with in the courts none of them were serious enough to warrant time in prison and none of them were deemed to be cheating.

Cronulla and New South Wales Captain Paul Gallen got a paltry one month on the sideline for cheating. He plead guilty to taking performance enhancing peptides in 2007. Previous Outrageous Sports articles have detailed the jaw-dropping improvements in Gallen’s meters run per game since that time. And yet Todd Carney gets banned for life for a series of embarrassing off-field misdemeanours and infractions.

Carney delivered the predictable script on how the change to the Dragons has been good for him: “Good headspace”, “allows me to focus on my goals”, “this is a new chapter for me”, etc, etc.

Where he goes off-script is on the subject of alcohol.

He admits it’s the common denominator behind his problems with the NRL, but he refuses to give it up.

“I never said I won’t drink and I never will because I think – well, it’s not part of rugby league, but it’s something I enjoy. The minute say I’m off the drink there’s eyes watching to see if I have a drink.

“There’s ways to work around it, moderation. Over here it’s completely different. It’s not always there to go for a drink and do whatever. It’s not something I stress over. The focus on me is to get better at football and lead a good life.”

Carney then returned to the script saying, “I gave myself to the Catalans Dragons and that’s where my main focus is.

“I’ve signed for three years, which will take me to 31 years of age,” he pauses. “It definitely leaves an option to go home. But that’s up to the NRL.”

Lopsided Fights for Footballers at Footy Show Fight Night


The fighting footballer farce continues …

Footballing legend turned part-time boxer Sonny Bill Williams is slated to fight an aging, pudgy journeyman for the Footy Show Fight Night at Sydney Olympic Park’s All Phones Arena, on January 31.

Chauncy Welliver has had 70 fights, won 55 of them drawn five and lost 10.

Williams says his opponent was at one time world ranked. But he neglected to add that was more than four years ago. For Welliver the fight is a much needed payday. For Williams it will be little more than another sparring session.

Williams has fought professionally only six times, with the only real match being against a semi-retired Francios Botha (See Youtube fight here).

And it ended in a complete farce:

With only three months training Botha was stiff competition for Williams. The dual international footballer was seriously tiring as the fight progressed. Each round his South African opponent was becoming more dominant – scoring more and harder shots. The fight was scheduled to go the mandatory twelve rounds but inexplicably the referee called a halt to the fight at the end of round ten!

Had things continued, boxing experts agree, Williams would have been knocked-out.

Barely able to stand, Williams was awarded the bout on points.

The Williams camp said both fighters had agreed to fight only ten rounds. The ringside judges and fans, however, hadn’t been notified. Betting agencies had to refund millions of dollars and the sport of boxing received another black eye.

Williams has been training with the Mundine camp (itself no stranger to fighting mismatches and benefiting from seriously flawed sporting decisions) in New Zealand.

The fight will be broadcast live on free-to-air television channel Nine.

Aside from Williams, Cronulla and NSW Captain Paul Gallen is riding high after winning by default against another footballer with drugs in his past, Anthony Watts (watch Youtube highlights here). He will have another easy fight against Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Brown and All Black Liam Messam will probably fight someone from the crowd.