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Mick Gatto Wants to be Part of Mundine’s Next Fight

Underworld figure Mick Gatto has said he would be ‘a little bit involved’ when asked about his part in Anthony Mundine’s upcoming fight in Melbourne.

39 year-old Mundine is set to fight Belarussian Sergey Rabchenko, the undefeated European light-middleweight champion, at Hisense Arena on November 12. Rabchenko is now based in the UK, he is 11 years younger than Mundine, and has knocked out 18 of his last 25 opponents.

It’s a tall order for Mundine, who hasn’t fought since April of this year when he was pummelled by Ghana’s Joshua Clottely. In the bout Mundine was knocked to the canvas 5 times, but managed to clinch his way to the final bell for a points loss.

Mick Gatto. Photo:

Mick Gatto. Photo:

Mick Gatto, who once fought as a heavy-weight himself, believes this fight will either make or break Mundine. Should the controversial Australian lose, it may be the last fight of his career. But if he manages to overpower his opponent it would put him another step up the ladder to fight world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Not that Mundine would actually want to fight Mayweather. The champion, 37, is undefeated in 46 consecutive fights, winner of 10 world titles, and arguably the best pound-for-pound boxer on earth.

Mundine, on the other hand, has had a chequered fight record, alternating wins and losses. His three world titles are described as at best ‘dubious’.

But Mick Gatto is a true believer. He says he loves the sport and believes Mundine shouldn’t hang up the gloves just yet.

Nearly 12 months ago Mr Gatto was awarded a promoter’s licence by the Victorian Boxing and Combat Sports Board, only to have it overruled by then Premier Denis Napthine. Premier Napthine bowed to pressure within the boxing fraternity wishing to disassociate the sport from its underworld connections.

Michael Bisping Moves Closer to Elusive Title Fight

With his technical knock-out of Cung Le at UFC Fight Night 48, Michael ‘the Count’ Bisping moves closer to the all-time wins by knock-out of any fighter ever

Bisping was impressive against Le, with the referee stepping in to halt the fight deep into the fourth round.

Bisping was a product of one of the earliest Ultimate Fighter shows. He has since amassed an enviable 25-6 MMA record (15-6 in the UFC) throughout a long career that shows no signs of ending soon.

Michael Bisping and Cung Le at their fight Weigh-ins. Photo:

Michael Bisping and Cung Le at their fight Weigh-ins. Photo:

Bisping’s victory at Fight Night 48 makes him the fighter with the most wins who has never fought for a title. He has ended fights nine times by knock-out, scored five knockdowns from the clinch, and has secured more victories than anyone else to come through the Ultimate Fighter house.

Moreover, Bisping is a favourite of the media. He is brash, outspoken, and clearly knows how to attract attention – both good and bad. Many South American fight fans will loathe him until the day they die for his pre-match verbaling of home country favourite Minotauro Nogueira. But he made it one of the most hotly anticipated fights of the day.

Bisping has a spotty fight record, alternating wins and losses in his last seven UFC fights. In the past he has been reprimanded for spitting, kneeing a downed opponent, eye gouging and poor sportsmanship outside of the Octagon.

But no fighter takes him lightly. Bisping’s longevity in a sport that chews up and spits out all but the toughest people in the world speaks for the man’s heart, courage and dedication.