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Basketball Coach Suspended for Team Winning by too Much!


The San Bernardino Arroyo Valley Hawks are a girls high school basketball team in inland southern California. On the 5th of January they crushed the Bloomington High school team by a staggering 161-2!

Because of it the Hawks coach, Michael Anderson, has received a two-game suspension.

“It wasn’t a good feeling,” said Anderson about the lopsided match. “It’s not something I’m proud of. It’s not something I would put on a mantel.’

The Bloomington girls’ coach, Dale Chung, told the Inland Valley daily Bulletin, People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team. They should feel sorry for (Anderson’s) team who aren’t learning the game the right way.”

Losses like this can have a profound impact on self-esteem – especially in the teenage years. No one yet knows if any of the Bloomington girls have decided to walk away from the game, but coach Chung is going to have his work cut out retaining his full squad.

Not only does he have to retain his squad, but he has to convince them that playing for the love of the game is still more important than winning. After having the disgrace of losing by 159 points broadcast around the world!

To be fair, however, both sides have form: Bloomington has previously lost a game this season by 91 points. While Arroyo Valley has won by 98.

Coach Anderson admitted he wanted to run his best team at full throttle. He and Dale Chung met before the game.

“This was our last game before we started league, and we were going to come out playing hard,” said Anderson. “I wanted to let him know there was no harm intended, and that if he had any ideas or concerns to let me know … And he seemed fine with that.”

Anderson admitted to the daily Bulletin that “the game just got away from me.

“I didn’t expect them (Bloomington) to be that bad. I’m not trying to embarrass anybody. And I didn’t expect my bench to play that well. I had one player make 8 of 9 3s!”

Chung questioned Anderson’s honour when it came to winning: “He knows what he did was wrong.”

Sky’s the limit for care of sporting teams



Nike and Teague (a Seattle design company) have produced ideas for the next stage in professional sporting improvements. They have developed plans for an aeroplane specifically designed to transport high-level sporting teams.

Like all ‘good’ ideas, it was just waiting to be discovered.

Teams play about half of their regular season in their home stadiums. The other matches require travelling. Sports scientists have long known of the ‘home-ground advantage’, but it seems this advantage arises less from the cheers of locals and more from the detrimental effects of long distance travel required to get to the ground.

The concept formulated by Nike and Teague centres around four pillars of athlete care:



  1. Circulation. Larger chairs with more leg room, fully adjustable back and head rests, massage tables and exercise equipment. This ensures all athletes maintain the necessary circulation and flexibility both prior to and after their games. Doing so will reduce the chance of injuries and speed up recovery.
  2. Recovery. The aeroplane will have medical and physio areas, cabin pressure can be fine-tuned in line with biometrics, on-board medical analysis allows for fast response to post match problems during flight.
  3. Sleep. A great deal of care and research has gone into creating the ideal conditions and equipment to allow athletes the best possible sleep during their flight. This should have them arriving fresher and recovering faster.
  4. Quiet area. The aeroplane contains snugs where individuals (or small groups) can think, strategize, or review performances. Some areas have special high-tech viewing equipment that allows for individual plays to be dissected.



Early estimates suggest this prototype aeroplane will cost tens of millions of dollars. But with the billions of dollars being spent by competitive sports teams in America and the search for even the tiniest competitive edge, it seems likely these designer aircraft will sell as quickly as they can be made.

Steve Ballmer Wins Court Battle to Take Over LA Clippers

Steve Ballmer awarded ownership of L.A. Clippers new owner

Steve Ballmer set to take over as L.A. Clippers new owner

Judge Michael Levanas has found in favour of Shelley Sterling and Steve Ballmer. His judgement gives the green-light to the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers and ends months of legal wrangling. The sale constitutes the most expensive take-over in NBA history, the team being bought for a cool US $2 billion.

Previous owner, Donald Sterling, bought the club in 1981 for a mere $12.5 million. However, Sterling was forced reconsider his ownership earlier this year when the NBA imposed a life ban on the owner. The ban came in consequence to a video showing Sterling reprimanding his girlfriend for having her picture taken with small group of Negro people. The racial slur went viral and forced the NBA to act.

Once banned sterling put the team up for sale.

But the 80 year-old billionaire withdrew his support when Ballmer emerged as a clear favourite for the take-over. His reasons for doing so are somewhat obscure.

Sterling’s wife, Shelly, moved to have her husband declared mentally incapable allowing her custodianship of the team. The court found in favour of Shelley Sterling, declared Donald mentally incapable, and awarded her trusteeship of the Clippers.

Shelley then moved to sell the club to Ballmer.

Donald then applied to the courts to prevent her.

As stated above, Judge Michael Levanas found in favour of Shelley/Ballmer after a three-week trial.

New owner Steve Ballmer is overjoyed. He is a staunch, passionate fan of the game and the team. He told reporters he is living his dream by now being the owner of the LA Clippers. Ballmer has signalled his intention to support the coach, players, and staff any way he can, to help the Clippers to soon win the Championship.

Ron Artest Changes Name to The Pandas Friend

Ron Artest, Aka The Pandas Friend. Photo:

Ron Artest, Aka The Pandas Friend. Photo:

Former NBA maverick Ron Artest stunned the world in 2011 when he legally changed his name to ‘Metta World Peace’. The name apparently, hasn’t satisfied his identity issues with him deciding to change it again; this time to ‘The Pandas Friend’.

At the time of his first name change Artest told bemused reporters ‘Metta’ comes from the  Buddhist language, meaning friendship, love and kindness.

In 2014 Artest joined the Chinese basketball league, becoming a member of the Sichuan Blue Whales. The move has prompted this latest name change.

The move from a name with Tibetan undertones to one with a distinctive Chinese flavor is clearly winning him friends.

Earlier this week Artest Tweeted, “New Chinese name coming soon. You guys are going to love it!”

And the China Daily did; reporting on the demise of Metta World Peace and the rise of The Pandas Friend.

Many have taken to social media to mock The Pandas Friend for his latest ‘stunt’. The man himself takes it in stride.

Other notable, strange or outright bizarre name changes include:

Maria Sharapova attempting to change her name to Maria Sugarpova for the 2013 US Open. Unfortunately doing so would have caused travel document headaches preventing her entering the US.

Outspoken NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson assumed the name to Chad Ochocinco once he started earning the big money at the Cincinntati Bengals.

Geelong footballer star Gary Hocking incurred the ire of the AFL when, for round 12 in 1999, he changed his name to ‘Whiskas. The cat food maker paid the Geelong Cats football club $80,000 (and the Captain, Hocking, $20,000) for the stunt.

Snooker player Jimmy White became ‘Jimmy Brown’ when it was announced HP Sauce was the major sponsor of the series.

Dante Exum Likely to be Picked in Top Three of NBA Draft

Melbourne born Dante Exum is expected to be picked in the top three when the NBA draft opens this morning at 10am AEST in Brooklyn, New York.

First pick goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers who are likely to select Exum. If they do it will make Exum only the third Australian to be selected number one overall. A feat only achieved by Andrew Bogut and Kyrie Irving.

Should the Cav’s pass Exum for another player, the Milwaukee Bucks have second pick. The Bucks have a history with Exum, having invited him to training camps to test the fit of the point guard and how he might slot into their established team. The Bucks desperately need to supplement their stock of forwards. NBA experts believe they are likely to go for either Andrew Wiggins of Jabari Parker, both forwards, both U.S. college stars.

Dante Exum, moments away from NBA draft pick. Photo:

Dante Exum, moments away from NBA draft pick. Photo:

Should this occur, and Exum be passed over by the first two clubs, Brett Brown, the coach of the Philadelphia 76’ers and former Tiger and Sydney Kings coach, will snap him up. Brown is himself a former Australian Olympic Basketballer and has a lot in common with the Australian Institute of Sport graduate.

Exum has prepared meticulously for his entrance into the NBA . After coming through the ranks of Australian players he moved to the U.S. to work with specialist trainers. Superstar Kobe Bryant has helped the 198 cm Australian prodigy style his game for the pre-draft workouts. Different from normal season games, these workouts are played so as to catch the eye of selectors.

Exum says he is nervous, but thrilled to be so close to making his dream come true.

He (and the rest of the basketball world) has only a few more nail-biting hours to wait.

Clippers’ Legal Wrangle Nears Its End

Steve Ballmer is set to take over as new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

 On Friday the NBA released a statement announcing a resolution with Shelly Sterling, Donald

Steve Ballmer set to take over as L.A. Clippers new owner

Steve Ballmer set to take over as L.A. Clippers new owner

Sterling’s wife. In this resolution Shelly Sterling has agreed to not sue the NBA and ‘indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including her husband, Donald Sterling.’ This opens the way for the NBA Board of Governors to rescind the Sterling Family’s ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and vote to approve Steve Ballmer’s takeover. The agreement with Shelley Sterling effectively protects the NBA from any potential financial losses suffered at the hands of her husband.

The NBA must be heaving a huge sigh of relief at this resolution as it comes only days after Donald Sterling filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA for damages issuing from the lifetime ban handed to him by the NBA and his termination of ownership. This comes on the heels of a TMZ audio recording of Sterling telling his girlfriend he didn’t approve of her bringing African-Americans to the Clippers’ games.

A hearing convened with the owners of the league’s other 29 franchises was set for Tuesday. However Donald Sterling agreed to allow Shelley to negotiate the sale of the team.

Shelley Sterling took Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion dollar bid over other reported offers of $1.6 billion (David Geffen and the Guggenheim Group – owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers) and $1.2 billion (from a group including former NBA player Grant Hill and Lost Angeles tycoons Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh).

Once Shelley accepted Ballmer’s bid, however, Donald Sterling’s attorneys claimed he had since changed his mind and refused to sell the team. He then began exploring legal avenues to prevent Ballmer taking over the team.

Asked the strength of Donald Sterling’s case against Ballmer’s takeover, one source close to the sales process remarked ‘It’s over, Sterling is totally boxed in.’