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Jessica Eye Talks About Femininity and Fighting

Jessica Eye images:

Number 6 ranked women’s UFC bantamweight Jessica Eye spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine this week about the image of femininity in her sport.

The 29 year-old has followed the lead of division champion Ronda Rousey and spoken about issues that have affected her throughout her life and the stability her sport has provided.

“As a young girl, I did not know my mother,” said Eye. “I didn’t meet her until I was 16 years old. I missed out on some of the things that most females get to do, like talk to their mums about makeup.

“My father and my brothers raised me to be a tough tomboy. I was bullied at a young age and through my early teenage years by my father.”

But Eye was adamant she did have a very feminine side to her. She went further saying she believed most female sportswomen believed to be tomboys are probably the same.

Jessica Eye images:

Jessica Eye images:

“I think the biggest misconception about female athlete is that we’re tomboys and that we’re not pretty; we’re not girls – we’re just like male figures in the sport.. We’re not! We’re females too. We still like to get dressed up, we still like to put makeup on, we still like to go out on dates and be treated lkike women.”

Eye said she was pidgeon-holed by her peers because of her bodyshape growing up.

“I’ve always had an athletic build, so sometimes I didn’t fill out tank tops the right way, or I couldn’t wear certain outfits because my legs were bigger, my calves were bigger, or my body was more athletic than your typical female, with a big chest and a giant butt and skinny legs.

“To me, it took me getting older that I was like, ‘You know what, I like how I am.’ I like having big legs! I like having wide shoulders! I like those things now.”

One has to wonder – If Jessica Eye is so content with herself why tell us?

Why is Edgar Not Being Given a Shot for the Featherweight Belt?

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Questions are being asked as to why Frankie ‘the Answer’ Edgar is being passed over – yet again – for a Featherweight title shot.

He was crushed to be overlooked when Chad Mendez was asked to step in for injured Jose Aldo at UFC 189.

Edgar would clearly have given Conor McGregor stiffer competition for the interim belt.

Edgar made sure to attend the event and make his presence known to McGregor.

“I do (believe I’m next I line for a title shot),” said Edgar after the fight at the MGM grand Garden arena.

“Who knows how long Aldo is going to take (to return to defend his belt).”

With the announcement of McGregor as coach for the TUF 22 series it seems as though the UFC are picking McGregor’s fights so as to groom him for the top spot.

And Edgar could certainly derail those plans.

“Credit to Conor,” said Edgar about the win over Mendez, “he was able to stay composed. He was able to get back on his feet. Chad seemed to slow down, get tired taking a fight on short notice like that, and Conor capitalised. He kept Chad at bay, but he was eating some big shots. I was just impressed how when he did get back to his feet – he was composed.”

But Edgar believes he offers a little more than Chad.

“I think my takedowns are there like his, and I feel like I got good ground and pound. I don’t really slow down too much, you know?”

Anyone who saw Edgar demolishing Hall-of-Famer B J Penn (twice) will be forced to agree. Edgar’s movement, angles, and power have made him one of the most destructive forces in the featherweight division.

A fight between himself and McGregor would be a fair contest for the division belt.

Blind Fighter Making Waves in MMA

Image: Youtube

Englishman Lee Michael Hoy is finding success in the most unlikely of places: MMA.

What makes Hoy’s success so unlikely is that he is blind – and has been since birth.

In a story first aired in the New York Post, Hoy explains how he was diagnosed with a condition known as toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite in the retina.

He can see a little, but that depends on glare, depth, and the distance of the object he is focusing on.

At the age of 24 he walked into the Bolden Lane (South Shields) Fighting Fit gym to learn self-defence. He soon fell in love with the sport.

In an interview with the Shields Gazette Hoy said, “I’m a totally changed person because of the sport. I can walk the streets with my head high.”

Feruz Hussain, the head coach at Fighting Fit, said, “It’s amazing to see what he has achieved. He didn’t believe he would be able to do any of it when he first started.”

Hoy has won bronze medals in his last two grappling competitions. He regularly trains with, fights, and beats sighted opponents. On August 8 he is scheduled to appear in a boxing demonstration and is hoping to inspire others – sighted and visually impaired alike – to take up the sport he loves.

Weightlifter Collapses at Pan Am Games

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Audiences at the Pan Am Games in Ontario were stunned recently when Genesis Rodriguez Gomez collapsed during a lift attempt.

The young woman was competing in the 53kg weight division for the clean-and-jerk. She appeared to be in control of 106kg weight, lifting it powerfully to her throat in the first part of the manoeuvre.

But before changing her stance for the final part of the lift Gomez buckled and feinted.

She fell forward, under the bar, and lay face down for a few minutes.

Medics were nearby and quick to assist her.

Gomez was lucky to avoid the 106kg weight as it fell. She avoided all serious injury. And was even cleared to return to the competition.

Not only that, Gomez increased her weight for her third attempt and was successful at 109kg.

For her efforts she claimed the silver medal for her division and the hearts of millions for her courage.

Jeff Horn Faces Stern Test in Viktor Plotnykov

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Aussie up-and-comer Jeff Horn will have his hands full on August 1 in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Though he is ranked 10th in the world welterweight rankings he faces a stern test in no. 12 ranked Viktor Plotnykov.

Horn admits the wily Ukranian veteran is a step above anyone he has yet boxed.

Horn has already beaten 3 of the world’s top 15 ranked welterweigts, but none approaching Plotnykov’s caliber.

Plotnykov will also enjoy a 5cm height advantageand and has more than three times Horn’s professional experience with 34 fights.

But horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, isn’t letting his fighter be over-awed, “We are going to Invercargill to win the fight emphatically. But we are under no illusions about the opponent. It is going to be a tough, tough night.

“Jeff will need to win the fight with his legs more than his hands because he has to control the gap in distance between them.

“Plotnykov is a master at dominating the distance. He’s able to hit going back, he puts his left jab constantly in the face of his opponent and has a very dangerous right hand.

“He’s tough too and knows how to hold in close.”

Image for Plotnykov:

Image for Plotnykov:

Rushton has his charge working on explosive leg strength ahead of the match. While in sparring Horn is working on techniques to shut down Plotnykov’s damaging straight right.

Most recently, Plotnykov, 37, dominated and defeated former British commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell over 12 rounds in Belfast.

Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, believes his fighter is ‘four or five’ fights away from a world title. But Horn believes he is ready now.

He just has to get past Plotnykov first.

Australian Wins Mr Universe

Image: Instagram

Australian Calum von Moger has won the most prestigious body building event in the world: the WWF (World Fitness Federation) Mr Universe.

He overshadowed the competition held in la Ciotat, France, over the weekend and was a clear favourite with the crowds.

von Moger describes himself as the quintessential ‘skinny kid’ who took up lifting weights to improve his self-image and earn the respect of his peers. At the ripe old age of 14 he began pumping iron in an empty warehouse. But von Moger could not get enough of it.

In 2011 he won the Junior Mr Universe.

In 2014 he moved to Los Angeles to compete against the best bodybuilders in the world.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Later in 2014 he won the Amateur Mr Universe (where he was given the nickname ‘Schwarzenegger 2.0’).

And now he has won the overall title.

The competition was decided after a 10-minute performance. The competitors’ physiques are judged through a posing routine, body rotation, eight mandatory poses, and a one minute ‘pose down’ against another competitor (or competitors) of the judges choosing.

von Moger (who has Dutch and Austrian parents) grew up in central Victoria. He is grateful to his parents and friends whom, he says, always supported him.

As for the competition itself: “It’s always a challenge when you’re up against the best of every country,” said a thrilled von Moger.

“But I am already so happy at the level I am at and the conditioning I have achieved for this show. Win or lose, I know I gave it my all this time.”

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Armstrong Vows to Ride Two Tour de France Stages


Lance Armstrong has confirmed he will ride two stages of this year’s Tour de France.

Armstrong says he will ride each stage the day before the peloton race it. He will ride with former English footballer and fellow cancer survivor Geoff Thomas. The pair hope to raise $2 million for the Cure Leukaemia foundation.

But the pair met with fierce rivalry from ICU president Brian Cookson.

“We know Lance’s involvement in Le Tour has split opinion,” said Cookson, “so we’ve tried to be as respectful as possible to the Tour de France itself in terms of the stages he will be riding.

“The stages Lance will be riding come towards the end of week two, when I know all riders will need some support.

“I know his arrival will give them the encouragement they will need to carry on with this gruelling challenge and in turn raise as much money as possible for blood cancer patients.”

Armstrong appears to have his sight set on riding the 198.5 kilometre 13th stage from Muret to Rodez on the 16th of July. This will be followed by the 198.5 kilometre stage from Rodez to Mende the following day.

Armstrong was controversially stripped of his seven Tour de France victories and banned from most competitive sports for life by the US Anti-Doping Agency in 2012.

These penalties came after he admitted in an interview on the Oprah Winfrey talkback program that he had used performance enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career.

For this reason Tour organisers are embarrassed to have him ride in their race.

The Mountain is Iceland’s Strongest Man for a Fifth Time

The Mountain image:

The Mountain, Hafthor Bjornsson, has won Iceland’s Strongest Man competition for the fifth time in a row.

The Viking giant (206 cm tall and 190 kg) was never really challenged in a gruelling day of lifting, pushing, and throwing.

Bjornsson is the first man in history to have won this competition for a fifth consecutive year.

However, his ultimate goal of being crowned the World’s Strongest Man remains, as yet, unfulfilled.

After being invited through a wildcard invitation to the competition in 2011 Bjornsson finished sixth. Since then he has come in at third in 2012 and 2013 and second in 2014.

This year, in April, Bjornsson finished third behind American Brian Shaw.

The Mountain and Oberyn:

The Mountain and Oberyn:

WBA has a Dead Man Ranked 11th in Flyweight Division

Ali raymi Wiki and image:

For a long time there have been eyebrows raised at the rankings system used in professional boxing. Suspicions of incompetence or foul play must have been confirmed this week when the latest World Boxing Association (WBA) listings were relased.

Yemen’s Ali Raymi was listed as holding down 11th position in the Flyweight rankings. What’s so strange about this? Well Ali Raymi is dead.

The 41 year-old was killed in an air strike in his home country in May of this year. While he was boxing Raymi amassed an impressive 25 wins from 25 fights with 25 knock outs. All of which pushed him up the Flyweight rankings.

In fact, Ali Raymi was so good 21 of his opponents never even made it past the first round.

However, on closer inspection a few questions emerge. All of Raymi’s fights in 2014 were against the same man: a Prince Maz, an unknown who seemed to pose no contest.

Raymi last fought on March 28 of this year. He crushed another no-namer, one Omar Moxamad, again in the first round.

And then there is the extraordinary feat of maintaining his ranking from beyond the grave.

Boxing commentator for ESPN Dan Rafael isn’t surprised: “I don’t even blink at such pure nonsense anymore,” he wrote, “I have no respect or regard for, or expectations of the folks who put together the WBA’s rankings month after month.

“Raymi’s No. 11 ranking is so utterly and absolutely indefensible.”

Watmough fails to Fire for Eels

Eels Watmough:

Eels fans are rightly agitated after the club spent up big on Anthony Watmough.

Watmough has failed to deliver since leaving the Manly Sea Eagles. On Friday night he posted his worst game to date: Running for only 53 meters, missing five tackles, and playing only a little over half the match (44 minutes).

In fact, Watmough hasn’t made a line-break since joining the Eels.

This is a far-cry from the same time last year when ‘Choc’ was rampaging through the Maroons defensive line in the State of Origin series.

Watmough is claiming a series of injuries are hamstringing his ability to perform on the field.

Blues Watmough image:

Blues Watmough image:

But in a bizarre Catch-22 Parramatta coach Brad Arthur has no choice but to keep sending him out.

Because of the salary cap, and the big money spent on Watmough, Arthur has no one else to send on to replace him.

The best both of them can hope for is the round 15 bye which will give the second-rower a much needed break from competitive football.

Just how much the team physios and doctors can do in a fortnight remains to be seen. But as it stands now buying Watmough from the Sea Eagles hasn’t repaid the Parramatta club.