Soccer Sports Star Facing assault Charges.

US soccer player Hope Solo is arguably one of the greatest goalkeepers in history. She has

Hope Solo. Photo:

Hope Solo. Photo:

won two Olympic gold medals, played 155 internationals, and boasts the least number of on-field infractions of any top class player.

But the 33 year-old sports phenomenon has recently been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On September 20 she fell victim to the photo hacking scandal which saw naked pictures of herself splashed up on hosting sites throughout the world.

But this is nothing to the latest furore.

In a time when violence among sportspeople is under the most intense scrutiny Solo has been charged with assaulting two family members.

The Seattle Times recently revealed that, according to police records, Solo was at her sister’s house late in June when an argument erupted between herself and her 17 year-old nephew.

It is alleged the argument escalated to the point where Solo punched him in the face. When Solo’s sister attempted to intervene she also was assaulted.

Todd Maybrown, attorney for Solo, said it was his client who was the victim. Solo is alleging it was she who was assaulted by being hit over the head with a broom during the scuffle.

Solo’s sponsor, Nike, is sticking by the goalkeeping superstar. But the American public is not so trusting.

Domestic assaults from NFL stars Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have thrust violence from sportsstars into the American public’s consciousness. But now, for many, the shoe is on the other foot with a female athlete accused of the same behaviour.

Will she receive the same treatment?

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