Qatar World Cup Receives Another Blow

Overnight Qatar World Cup officials received another blow. Theo Zwanziger, a German member of FIFA  the sport’s world governing body, said in an interview with Sport Bild Plus: “I think that at the end of the day the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar.”

Zwanziger’s comments come after medical officials refused to clear the stadium to host fans in the scorching summer heat. Temperatures can reach dangerous 45 degrees centigrade.

“Doctors say,” continued Zwanziger, “and I had insisted on this point in the protocol, that they cannot guarantee that a World Cup can be held in summer in these conditions.”

Should someone die from heat stress it is unclear what FIFA’s legal culpability might be.

Mohamed Bin Hammam. Photo:

Mohamed Bin Hammam. Photo:

Qatar officials say they have developed a cooling system able to maintain a temperature of 22 degrees Centigrade.

Even if this is true it does the problem of heat remains a factor for fans once they leave the stadium.

The Qatar bid for the World Cup was dogged by allegations of bribery. The Times newspaper in Great Britain alleged former Qatari football executive Mohamed Bin Hammam paid more than $5.6 million  to further his country’s chances of winning the Cup hosting rights.

Qatar strongly denies this.

Other reports are predicting up to 4,000 migrant workers may possibly die from the heat as they work on the stadium in the years leading up to the 2022.

The most damning indictment came from the top however. With FIFA President Sepp Blatter proclaiming in May of this year that awarding the World Cup to Qatar was a “mistake.”

But Qatari officials are desperate to keep the event.

This will be the first World Cup in any Middle Eastern country. They believe their state-of-the-art cooling system will protect sports fans, and that the event will serve to unite a region torn by politics, war and exploitation.

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