How to Make your Child Feel Like a Sporting Legend

The final battle is here. The crowd is roaring around you. Half roar for you and half roar against you. The grass at your feet is glistening and fresh. Soon it will be mud. Your teammates surround you on the field. Only one thought remains in your synchronised minds: we must win. You have bled for this moment. You have dreamt of this moment. You will cherish this moment.

The 38 centimetre trophy sits on the side of the field. 4.5 kg of silver gilded in gold is staring at you, beckoning you to claim it on the world stage. On one handle, there is a head satyr and on the other, there is the head of a nymph. Generations have come and gone. Only the best in the world have held that cup in their hands. And now, it’s within your grasp.

This will be the tale of the rugby union team that makes it to the finals in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England, vying for the magnificent Web Ellis cup.

web-ellis-cupIf this story teaches you anything, it’s that trophies have a symbolic significance in the sporting world.

But chances are your kid is still in school and has no plans to take on the world stage of rugby union. They might not be stars on a professional sporting level but it’s still nice to make them feel like stars in their little league matches.

Rewarding hard work with positive reinforcement is a great way to build confidence during those crucial, formative years of a child’s life. If anything, you do not want to be like Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother.

There’s a fine line between encouraging kids to win versus telling kids that winning is everything. Trophies are a great, positive way to reward kids for their hard work. Even though they might not be getting a gold plated Web Ellis cup made in 1906, getting any trophy can be a big deal to them. Having their glass trophies sitting on the mantelpiece or in the trophy cabinet make them feel proud of their achievements. child-trophy

They also help to mark different moments in a child’s life, much like a photo album. One trophy might remind you of the time your kid copped a basketball in the face right after scoring a three pointer. Another might remind you of the soccer match when your kid scored an own goal and got so wonderfully excited before realising the error of their ways. Or another might actually remind you of the time your kid won the swimming carnival race after months of practicing.

Whether it’s a trophy for winning or for participation or ‘most improved’, every golden cup serves as a reminder of how much your child has achieved throughout their schooling years; how they’ve learnt of hard work, perseverance and team work. We might not all win a rugby world cup but at least we can be recognized for the little victories that mark our childhood lives.

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