Koppenhaver Tweets Mike Tyson from his Jail Cell

Mike Tyson Image: en.wikipedia.org

In a tell-all interview about his new book Undisputed Truth on ‘In depth with Graham Beninger’ Mike Tyson has told of his decision to get his face tattooed.

In a surprising announcement Tyson said he wanted the original design to be hearts.

“I was going to be the Man of Hearts, baby,” said the one-time Baddest Man on the Planet.

“I was very close to doing it, but the tattooist said, ‘I ain’t doing that.’”

The artist asked for a few days in which to create a different design.

When he saw it Tyson was impressed. “I thought it was so hot.”

John Koppenhaver image;  commons.wikimedia.org

John Koppenhaver image; commons.wikimedia.org

But not everyone agrees with the reason Tyson has given.

Tweeting from his prison cell ex-MMA fighter Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) said he could relate to Tyson’s need to hide behind the ink.

“I know why you tattooed your face, why you hated the man in the mirror,” Koppenhaver tweeted.

“I know what it is to hate those who love you, and to sabotage those relationships. I used to smash my own face in.

“I used to smash my face in worse than any of my MMA fights, and just look into the mirror and cry – hating myself.

‘I know that you don’t know me, I was never on your level as a fighter, but I hope you’ll hear me out, I know that what I have to say can help you.

Christy Mack image: en.wikipedia.org

Christy Mack image: en.wikipedia.org

“As I write this I am rotting in prison. I caught my girl (Christy Mack) in bed with some dude and they both ended up in hospital. What happened ain’t no mystery, but you of all people know about our corrupt system, and about vindictive women.”

Kopppenhaver felt compelled to make contact with the ex-heavyweight boxing champion after reading Tyson’s autobiography. “It sounded way too much like the one I had been writing.”

“I wanted to kill myself so bad,” Koppenhaver’s tweet continued, “I didn’t have the balls … That just made me hate myself more. I know all about the sexual addiction, all about a horrible childhood, and all about the belief that violence solves everything.

“I was an Alpha male and was entitled to whatever I wanted. I never got as much as you, but as much as I did get, it was never enough. Noting could fill that void, and even if it could happen, I would have found a way to ruin it.

“Once I let the Holy Spirit inside of me I began to change man, and without actively trying. I have tried to change in the past, seen shrinks, taken meds, all that – we cannot change by ourselves! Temporarily, maybe, but not permanently.

“God can/will change us though, if only we will submit to him.

“I know how it is, to hear that type of crap, and to scoff at it, trust me. I was a legit anti-Christ type dude, the old me would never believe this, but it is what it is.

“Entertain this Mike, let yourself find that peace you always longed for, be the husband and father that you aspired to be.

“I will keep you and your family in my prayers. You’re no more screwed up than I was but, if God can forgive me, and change me, he can do the same for you and even for people much worse than us. I want this for you so bad man, your book made me cry, way too many of the phrases could have been written by me. Good luck”

Tyson has not issued a response.

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