Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate, originally known as Ultimate Frisbee, is a sport developed during the 1960s and 70s in the United States. The name of the sport was altered due to the name ‘Frisbee’ being a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company. The aim of the sport is to pass the Frisbee (or flying disc) into the opposing teams end zone, similar to American football.

Rules of Ultimate Frisbee

Two teams begin at opposite ends of the playing field, and the disc is put into play by one team passing it off to the other in a move called the ‘pull’. Once the game is under way the players attempt to pass the disc across the field to the opposing end zone. The disc may only move through passes, and the players are not allowed to move with the disc in hand. If the attacking team is successful in move the disc into the end zone, a point is scored and the teams swap directions. The teams restart with another pull.

The opposing team can gain possession of the disc through interceptions, the disc going out of bounds or if a pass is incomplete. The other possession can be gained is by the attacking team ‘holding the disc’. The attacking player, or the ‘thrower’ must release the disc within ten seconds of receiving it. If a defensive player (the ‘marker’) within 1 foot of the ‘thrower’ audibly counts to ten before a pass is made, possession must be surrendered. This count is known as the ‘stall count’.

The winner of the game is the team with the most points at the end of the allocated time period, or when a team reaches a certain number of points. This is dependant on the organization of the competition. Teams generally have seven players and substitutions are allowed between points.

Competition and Organisation

Ultimate has grown to become a leading sport in recent years with many schools and US colleges having league competitions. The American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate are two professional leagues present in the United States bringing the game increased popularity. There are also a number of international tournaments, both between national teams and club teams. Beach Ultimate, a variation of the game played on sand, is also popular around the world.

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