Redneck Games

redneck games

Howdy there, cousin. Y’all interested in some wholesome (though not so clean), Southern fun? Well then, get your overalled hiney down to the Redneck Games.

What am I looking at here?

The Redneck Games started in East Dublin, Georgia in 1996. It was started by radio manager Mac Davis in response to a joke in the media about the Atlanta Olympic Games being run by rednecks. It’s pretty much a “you want redneck, I’ll show you redneck” response.

For something that started off as a semi-joke, it’s become seriously massive. It attracts more white trash than a Dolly Parton concert. The first year, over 5000 people attended. Now, almost twenty years later, the Games caters for over 95,000 people and has been featured on almost every national news show in America.

So what does it involve?

redneck games horseshoes

Well to be honest, it looks like it’s just an excuse for drunk bogans to sit around and play in mud. But officially, last year’s list of events included:

  • The cigarette flip
  • Bobbing for pig’s trotters
  • Seed spitting
  • Toilet seat throwing
  • Mud pit belly flop
  • Big-hair contest
  • Wet T-shirt contest
  • Armpit serenade
  • Bug zapping by spitball
  • Dumpster diving
  • Hubcap hurling

Most of them are as bizarre as they are self-explanatory. But some are more interesting than others. For example, the armpit serenade is arm-farting a song. The more intricate the song, the more points.

Toilet seat throwing is more subtle than it sounds. The aim is the throw the toilet seat onto a hook. It’s less like Scottish log throwing and more like horseshoes, except on a larger scale.

The highlight of the Games is usually the mud pit belly flop. It’s equally as thrilling for spectators as it is for participants.

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