Bossaball flips

Flipping out over Bossaball

Imagine the coolest soccer kick or gymnastics flip you’ve ever seen. Now put that on a giant inflatable volleyball court. That’s Bossaball.

It fuses the most epic components of other sports into a single super-sport. It’s almost too awesome to exist. But it does. And it’s kind of cool.

Bossaball: A History

Bossaball was invented in 2004 by Belgian sports enthusiast/ DJ Filip Eyckmans. On a trip to Brazil, Eyckmans came across the dance martial art of capoeira. This, coupled with the musical nature of Brazilian beach soccer and volleyball, inspired him to create a new sport that could take these elements to the extreme.

Bossaball was born. From these humble beginnings, Bossaball has become an international sport of some repute, with leagues in Europe, North and South America and even the Middle East. Unfortunately, there’s still no Australian league. But it could be coming soon.

How to Play

  •  Played on a special inflatable court, which resembles a volleyball court but with a giant trampoline in the middle
  • Five players on each team
  • One ball, called the Bossaball
  • Each player is allowed to touch the ball once with their hands and twice with other body parts, with a total of six touches by the team before it goes over the net
  • If the Bossaball touches your side of the court, the other team gets a point (three points if it’s on the trampoline)
  • Winning team gets to serve
  • All of this must be played with music
  • Stylish moves (backflips, bicycle kicks etc) are encouraged


As action-packed and exciting as it sounds, it’s also highly commercialised and expensive to set up. Unless you have a couple thousand dollars to pay for the licence and another couple thousand to hire a court, this isn’t an easy game to organise. Unlike soccer, where you need a ball and items of clothing to set as goals, Bossaball, like polo and sailing, is perhaps one the least accessible sports ever invented.

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