Tony Stewart Wins his Return Race After Year-Long Injury Lay-Off

Sprint car legend Tony Stewart has returned to speedway the way he left it. After a horrific flip nearly a year ago Stewart has been out of action while his shattered leg healed. He won his first race back from injury on Friday night. Stewart was pipped for first in the Q heat race by arch rival Daggett but managed to exact revenge in the Engine Pro sprints final for 2014.

Tony Stewart. Photo:

Tony Stewart. Photo:

Both races contained plenty of argy-bargy, with the body work of both leaders’ cars getting hammered on more than one occasion. The fierceness of the rivalry ensured that the winner of each race wouldn’t just be the best driver with the fastest car, but also the man with the most nerve.

The night began with 21 hopefuls wishing to contest the NASCAR Sprint cup Series, but Stewart showed up unannounced  Race marshals could think of no reason not to include him. Daggett and the other drivers were keen to pit their skill against him.

Such was the damage done to Stewart’s leg a year ago in Oskaloosam, Iowa, many were suggesting he retired. Stewart gave them his answer on Friday with a no-holds barred, death-or-glory display of speedway driving skill and determination.

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