Drivers Petition to Have Canamasas Banned from GP2 Racing

Sergio Canamasas. Photo:

Sergio Canamasas. Photo:

GP2 Series racers have had enough and are putting together a petition to ban fellow racing driver Sergio Canamasas. In just over two years of competition Canamasas has notched up a reputation as a reckless, fool-hardy, and downright dangerous driver. However, he outdid himself on the weekend when racing at Monza; causing four crashes, involving six cars, in only 14 laps, before being disqualified.

In only the first lap Canamasas drove straight through the Ascari chicane. This hare-brained attempt (described by commentator Will Buxton as pure PlayStation) to shortcut rivals only slowed him down as he limped out of the gravel.

In the following straight he caused two multi-car incidents. And  upon the entry to the Parobolica he set off another; this time taking out his own racing teammate, Johnny Cecotto.

But Canamasas wasn’t done yet.

Several laps later he attempted an impossible overtaking manoeuvre that had him ramming into the side of the car driven by Rene Binder. Binder’s car slid onto the high curb and was unable to continue. Canamassas’s car was forced through the gravel chicane (again), to emerge back onto the track and into the path of a flying Raffaele Marciello.

Desperate to keep Marciello at bay Canamasas put him into the wall at the next corner.

At this point there was barely a stretch of track without some carnage strewn across it. Officials had no choice but to disqualify Canamasas and try to salvage a race from whomever was left.

Fans and drivers are outraged at Canamasas’ antics. Commentator Will Buxton blogged: “For more than two years, Sergio Canamasas has raced in the GP2 Series withot an apparent care or consideration for the morality or regulation of the sport in which he is engaged and with a seeming disregard for his own safety and that of those with whom he shares a track.”

The other drivers are petitioning to ban him. The are effectively telling organisers ‘It’s either him or us.’

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