Totally Bonkers Guinness World Record Champions

bonkers guinness world record

Have you ever wondered how large a car you could balance on your head, or how far you could squirt milk from your eye, or how fast you could run on all fours? Well some extreme sporting legends around the world have not only thought of such bizarre challenges, but claimed the Guinness world record of achieving the heaviest, farthest or fastest in these weird sports. Here are some of the highlights of the totally bonkers Guinness World Record champions from the wackiest sports that you could never think of.

1. Fastest 100m Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins

Who: Veronica Torr

Where from: New Zealand

How fast: 18.52 seconds

If you’ve ever walked out of the pool or ocean with fins on your feet and had to attempt the waddling, scampering walk-run thing then you’d probably appreciate the incredible difficulty involved in actually forming a resemblance of a real run and being able to actually jump over poles – let alone at speeds nearing 5.4m/s.


2. Highest Shallow Dive

Who: Darren Taylor

Where from: USA

How high: 11.2m

Breaking his own previous bonkers guinness world record, Professor Splash as he’s affectionately known, made the brave dive (although belly flop may be a slightly more apt description) from 11.2 m up into a baby pool just 30cm deep.


3. Fastest 100m on All Fours

Who: Kenichi Ito

Where from: Japan

How fast: 18.58s

Kenichi Ito apparently discovered his inner West African Patas monkey in order to perfect his running on all fours style. And it seemed to have worked because this monkey enthusiast managed to achieve a time only 9 seconds slower than the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt’s record.


4. Farthest Milk Squirting Distance

Who: Ilker Yilmaz

Where from: Turkey

How Far: 279.5cm

Yes this bonkers guinness world record is for the person who squirted milk the farthest…yes, that’s right, from their eye. I’m not entirely sure how the physics of this feat works, but somehow Ilker Yilmaz managed to perfect his technique to squirt that milk a near whopping three metres.


5. Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head

Who: John Evans

Where from: Britain

How heavy: 159.6kg

In 1999, 64-year old John from Derbyshire put weightlifters and strongmen to shame when he balanced a mini cooper weighing 159.6kg on his head alone for over 30 seconds. This massive effort was clearly no mean feat as no one else has been able to beat this truly bonkers guinness world record in the last 14 years.

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