Extreme Ironing

EI skydiving

Extreme Ironing (EI) takes a regular, mundane household task and completely turns it on its head by making it a high-risk activity completed in some of the most remote, dangerous or simply absurd locations of the world. And although not undertaken in the most practical of places to, it still irons out the creases in your shirt, but in a much more thrilling way, and usually in a much more incredible environment.  There are no real limitations to this hobby, rather it is only constrained by the realms of a participant’s imagination.

The sport was developed in 1997 in the UK by Phil Shaw. The idea emerged when Shaw, upon coming home from work one afternoon, faced the dilemma of whether to attempt to conquer the huge pile of of ironing sitting in his laundry or opt instead for the very tempting and much more enjoyable alternative of going mountain biking. When he couldn’t decide, Shaw simply took his clothes and ironing gear and ironed on top of the mountain as a compromise. This is a display of multi-tasking at it’s very best. The sport has grown and circulated throughout the whole world to become a raging international craze that is almost making regular ironing obsolete.

As the sport is pretty self-explanatory, here are some of the most ridiculous and dangerous stunts of extreme ironing. Gain some inspiration from where and how other people have done EI and then try and think of an original idea yourself, snap a photo or video of you doing it, post it online and watch as thousands of others marvel at your ingenuity and bravery.

Extreme Ironing while Sky Diving or Base JumpingEI skydiving EI base jumping

Extreme Ironing on a Mountain

EI on mountain2 Ei on mountain

Extreme Ironing on Water

EI on water2 EI on water

Extreme Ironing on Ice

EI on ice2 EI on ice

Extreme Ironing while doing Gymnastics

EI gymnatics EI gymastics2

Extreme Ironing while Rock Climbing

EI rock climbing EI rock climbing

Extreme Ironing on the Road

EI on road2 EI on road

Extreme Ironing Underwater

EI underwater2 EI underwater

Extreme Ironing while Hanging

EI hanging2 EI hanging

Extreme Ironing on Wheels

EI cycling EI on wheels

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