The Verdict: Ross Pearson was Robbed

PearsonMost fight fans saw Ross Pearson winning the three round UFC Fight Night Undercard three rounds to zero. Pearson dove forward at every opportunity forcing the usually aggressive Sanchez to defend. Although many of Pearson’s strikes were wide of the mark many were not. And when Sanchez did counter his hometown supporters howled their encouragement.

Speaking after UFC Fight Night 42 in Alberquerque Dana White told Brett Okamoto of ESPN, “Pearson won that fight clearly … We have to treat Pearson like he won and give him that next level fight.”

Pearson has appealed to the New Mexico Athletic Commission to have the decision reversed. The appeal is pending. Statistics show Pearson out scoring Sanchez in significant strikes and takedowns, ring control and aggression, with Sanchez being knocked to the canvas while Pearson remained on his feet.

And yet two of the judges awarded the bout to Sanchez, with one of them scoring it 30 – 27 to the hometown hero.

MMA judging has a chequered history, with many bizarre decisions. But none have been as overtly nonsensical as this. The response from fight fans on social media was swift and to the point with ‘Robbed’ being the word most used.

The UFC is already facing difficulties maintaining viewer interest. Ridiculous decisions like this are doing them no favors.

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