Swimmer Aims for North Pacific Crossing

Image: http://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/ben-lecomte-swimming-from-tokyo-to-san-francisco-to-raise-environmental-awareness/story-fno61i58-1227290055987

French endurance swimmer Ben Lecomte has set himself the incredible goal of swimming from Tokyo to San Francisco this summer.

He will swim eight hours each day. During this time he will endure hardships like jelly fish, sharks, sunburn, ocean currents, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a floating raft of debris the size of Texas.

Lecomte has previously swum across the Atlantic Ocean. That took him 73 days. This latest 8851 kilometre challenge will, he believes, test him to his limits.

Every moment of the swim is scheduled. “The last thing you want to do,” he told news.com.au from his Dallas, Texas home, “is not know what you’re going to do with your mind.

“The first hour I relive any event, like a birthday party. The second hour is math exercise like counting or dividing numbers.

“The third one I try to visualise or imagine a place I have never been to, like Australia … I engage all my sense to disassociate my mind from my body.”

Mr Lecomte expects the ultra-marathon swim to take around six months. He says he is doing it to raise awareness of ocean degradation through human waste products.

“We want to show people what is around because 80 per cent of the plastic you find in the ocean comes from land. What you see on the surface [of the Great Pacific Patch] is only 15 per cent because 70 per cent is in the water column and the other 15 per cent is on the bottom.”

Mr Lecomte said that footage of his journey will be streamed live on social media.

He is expected to consume a staggering 8000 caleries each day. To fuel himself he will consume for large meals when not swimming and liquid meals while in the water.

But he I wary of health issues like tendonitits. The body is not built for six months of constant exercise.

Just like the ocean is not built to be a garbage dump.

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