Spin to Win Backfist Keeps Felder Undefeated in UFC

Paul felder. Image: www.usatoday.com

‘Spin to win’ goes the saying in Tae kwon do. Paul Felder (10-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) did just that, showing his classy martial arts skills against a plucky, but outmatched Danny Castillo (17-8 MMA, 7-5 UFC).

Felder dominated the centre of the ring from the bell, forcing Castillo to slip his punches and move. Felder seemed to find his range early, landing kicks to Castillo’s thigh.

Repeated kicks to Castillos front leg slowed his movement. Felder closed in aiming a kick to the head. Castillo blocked it so Felder went back to the thigh.

The referee was forced to briefly stop the fight when Castillo receives a kick to the cup. When they resumed Felder begins to mark Castillo’s thigh with livid bruises.

Castillo was trying. He just didn’t have as many opportunities presented to him And the power of Felder’s kicks were taking their toll.

Just as Castillo looked to find a way to check the worst of Felder’s kicks Felder starts throwing. He eats a bomb of a right before taking a few more kicks.

In the dying seconds of the first round Castillo ducks into a knee, manages to avoid a high kick and slips a spinning backfist.

Felder is given the round 10-9.

Castillo’s cornermen are urgent: he needs to stamp his authority on this fight, and he needs to do it from the bell.

Felder, meanwhile is sticking with what he knows works – He walks into the centre of the ring for the second round and lands kicks to the thigh that would have felled an elephant.

To his credit Castillo fights back. He lands several heavy shots and tries to crowd Felder.

But Felder has a knee waiting for him when he comes too close.

Out of options Castillo tires to take the fight to the ground.

Felder slips out of the takedown attempt and resumes hammering away with his kicks.

Castillo pushes forward at the same time Felder spins and strikes.

The spinning back fist floors Castillo, he’s out before he hits the ground.

Felder dives and delivers a final punch before the referee can pull him away.

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    Paul felder. Image: http://www.usatoday.com