Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson KOed for the First Time Ever!

It is the end of an era.

Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson, the man with the best chin in MMA has, for the first time in his career, been knocked out.

Good night Roy. Photo:

Good night Roy. Photo:

Many thought it impossible to KO the veteran brawler. Roy Nelson has a long and decorated career and fought the very best fighters in the world. And while he hasn’t always won he has never been knocked out – never even looked close.

Mark Hunt, on the other hand has had a chequered career: Six consecutive losses in 2010, 5 – 2 in the UFC, and now the only man to ever have knocked out the Ultimate Fighter 10 winner.

UFC President Dana White thought he’d seen it all; that was until tonight. When asked about Hunt’s next fight he had no answer. Few expected Hunt to win, none by knock out!

“They both looked good when they’re fighting guys outside the top 10,” White said. “But those guys in the top 10 give them both a lot of trouble.”

But Hunt thinks he’s ready. When asked about who he’d like to fight next he answered without hesitation, “Anyone in the top ten.”

As Hunt showed, at this level all it takes is one punch. Any lapse in defence will result in an early finish. Whether Hunt can protect himself from the relentless onslaught from athletes like Miocic or dos Santos is something that can only be found out the old fashioned way.

Hunt’s upper cut looked innocuous enough. It just goes to show the power these men have. Both fighters had taken a brutal amount of damage throughout the contest. It had been a war of attrition with the killer blow eluding them both.

Hunt’s uppercut came from his hip. Nelson ducked into it.

Good night Roy.

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