Robbie Maddison Does the Incredible – Again!


Robbie Maddison is in a job with no insurance. This is the man who did a backflip on his motorcycle across London’s Tower Bridge, the same man who rode his motorcycle up a jump to land atop the Arc de Triomphe. One couldn’t think of anything more dangerous than that – but Robbie did.

This week Maddison stunned the world by riding his motorcycle down the Olympic park, Utah, bobsleigh track.

Not content with that, Maddison then rode his bike down and off the aerial ski jump – falling a from an apex of a gut twisting 57 meters. Speedometers clocked him at travelling just over 114kpm as he hit the small rise in the jump that jettisoned him into space.

To give you some idea of how far Maddison and his bike fell, 57 meters is the equivalent of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building or Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station.

Six months later he back flipped his motorcycle from one side of London’s Tower bridge to the other while the drawbridge was open.

Not a job that comes with a pension plan.

Both bike and rider made it through both stunts without even a hint of trouble. Though one can only imagine his heart rate at the time.Maddison holds records for the most number of backflips on a motorcycle, longest motorcycle jump and a slew or motocross freestyle firsts.



On New Year’s Eve he went viral on Youtube after releasing footage of jumping his motorcycle off a ramp and onto the Arc de Triomphe in the centre of Paris. He then turned around and jumped off it again to land safely on the ramp and terra firma.

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