Rin Nakai Set to Shake Things Up Against in UFC 175

Rin Nakai. Photo: www.awakeningfighters.com

Rin Nakai. Photo: www.awakeningfighters.com

UFC President Dana White has described his latest signing, Japanese fighter Rin Nakai, as “very interesting.”

The former Pancrase fighter, who has worked as a muscle-fetish model, is scheduled to fight women’s bantam-weight (61.2 kg) contender Mischa Tate in late September. And both girls are looking forward to the bout.

Nakai has accrued a cult following in Japan where she is known for walking into the ring wearing a prom dress. Nakai has her own muscle-fetish Youtube channel where she is filmed performing everyday tasks such as cooking and working out while wearing lingerie.

When asked whether Nakai would be allowed to wear a prom dress into the Octagon White said, “As long as everybody is legit and has legit records and they fight, they can wear prom dresses or wedding dresses – I don’t care what they do.”

Nakai and Tate will be fighting in UFC 175. Aussie Mark Hunt will get his shot at Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson in the heavy-weight headline fight.

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