Pacquiao’s Plan to Outwork Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach have opened up about their strategy to beat Floyd Mayweather.

It’s a tall order when you consider Mayweather is an impeccable counter-puncher – able to slip attacking blows and land his own.

Roach believes the key to beating Mayweather lies in volumestriking – Throw enough punches and some of them will get through.

“You can beat Floyd Mayweather,” he told reporters at his Wild Card gym in Hollywood yesterday, “if you outwork him and never give him a chance to do the things he does best.”

And Pacquiao was doing just that in his final public workout just metres away.

Reporters were dazzled by the speed and number of punch-combinations being thrown by the eight division world champion. Pacquiao moved like the wind and hit like a hail storm – he was everywhere at once.

Pacquiao was throwing five and six combination punches hundreds of times – never looking fatigued or slowing down even slightly.

“Manny is punching real hard,” Roach continued, “but I want him to outscore (Mayweather) in every round. I think we can win a 12-round decision. We want to throw a ton of punches.”

Pacquiao is expecting Mayweather to come out hard and fast. He and Roach have prepared for that. And once Mayweather’s opening attack has been neutralised Pacquiao is going for volume.

“I’m not really looking for a knockout,” said Pacquiao after the session (not even out of breath). “We’re not looking only for a knockout, but for throwing lots of punches, and also making sure that every round, we’re ahead on points.”

The battle will be intriguing: Pacquiao has reached the pinnacle of boxing through his almost preternatural speed; while Mayweather remains undefeated through his almost invincible defence.

But Roach is adamant Mayweather will never have seen the combination of relentlessness and power of Pacquiao.

“”Our volume of combinations is much higher than Mayweather’s.

“Mayweather waits for you to finish your combination and throws back with the big right hand or the check hook – and we’re not going to be there for that. We’re going to be in and out, and I plan on Manny outscoring him that way.”

Roach went on to say that as the bout will be decided over the full 12-rounds endurance and fitness will be crucial. Not just the endurance to keep going, but the endurance to maintain a high volume of strikes.

Roach believed that doing so will have Mayweather fading in the latter rounds.

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