NHL Player Phil Kessel in Trouble Again

Phil Kessel at the Boston Bruins. Image: en.wikipedia.org

Phil Kessel has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The NHL giant has found a home in the Mapleleafs after being traded by the Bruins in 2010-11. This year he is the fourth highest goal scorer in the legue; behind greats like Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin and Corey Perry. And he is set to earn US $64 million in his eight-year deal.

Despite all this Kessel is an angry man. And he has now made the kind of enemy who can bring him down.

On Saturday the Leafs lost to the league cellar-dwellers, the Sabres, 6-2. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then blew off the post-match interview.

“Get away from me,” Kessel growled at reporter Jonas Siegel.

Siegel was unfazed. The TSN 1050 reporter told his Toronto audience, “If he wants to do things like this, that’s totally OK. But from this point I’m not going to hide the way he acts anymore. He’s perpetually unavailable. He’s perpetually borderline rude.”

Kessel returned to the microphone and ranted at Siegel, “I think YOU have the responsibility to talk. But I don’t think you guys need me every single day. I don’t know what you need out of me … I don’t have too much to say after losses like that, right?”

But it can be argued that losses like the one just experienced by the Maple leafs allow players to show their character. Of course they are going to be disheartened, but rather than trotting out the same rehearsed victory speech – We stuck to our game plan, we’ve been working hard, I’d like to congratulate all my teammates etc., – they get to reflect, honestly and openly.

Because, in the end, it’s the players fans identify with, not the sport.

Unhappy Kessel fan. Image: www.flickr.com

Unhappy Kessel fan. Image: www.flickr.com

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