Namibian Chef de Mission Outraged at Slow Medical Attention

Another athlete rushes to the aid of Beata Naigambo Photo:

Another athlete rushes to the aid of Beata Naigambo Photo:

Chef de mission of the Namibian Commonwealth Games team, Abraham So-oabeb, has expressed outrage at the time it took for ambulance officers to attend to stricken marathon runner Beata Naigambo.

15 kilometres into the marathon on Sunday Beata unexpectedly lost touch with the lead pack. She slowed, staggered and collapsed against the signage along the road, before sinking onto the bitumen.

The police were the first to arrive. However, they were able to do little more than check Naigambo’s vital signs and place her in the recovery position. It took ten minutes for the first paramedic to arrive on a bicycle; and another ten minutes for the ambulance. During that time the dazed Naigambo lay insensible on the road, with everyone just looking at her wondering what they should do.

Many spectators thought she had injured herself. With the police present they believed the situation was under some control. But those same spectators also said they were ashamed it took so long for a guest athlete to receive the medical attention she so clearly needed.

Beata Naigambo collapses during Glasgow marathon. Photo:

Beata Naigambo collapses during Glasgow marathon. Photo:

Naigambo was eventually taken to hospital.  Doctors were at a loss to explain her collapse. Her blood pressure and iron levels were a little low – but that is to be expected in someone who has just run 15 kilometres against some of the fastest and fittest women in the world.

Glasgow Commonwealth games officials have defended the time it took to attend to Ms Naigambo, saying the event prevents them from having ambulances trailing each runner in a 42 kilometre race.

Beata Naigambo just wants to put the incident behind her; even going so far as to say she doesn’t want to see herself on video recordings. She admits having no idea why she collapsed.

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