The Mountain That Rides Wins Europe Strongest Man Competition

You might know him as The Mountain That Rides, Ser Gregor Clegane from the hit HBO series

Hafthor Bjornsson Wins Europe's Stronest Man Competition. Photo:

Hafthor Bjornsson Wins Europe’s Stronest Man Competition. Photo:

Game of Thrones; but Hafthor Bjornsson walks-the-walk as much as he talks-the-talk.

The 25 year-old Icelandic giant (a towering 2.06 meters) recently won the Europe’s Strongest Man competition.

These men lift truly mind-boggling weights, in a variety of ways. One event had competitors lifting two I-girders and racing along a 50 meter grass track. Another event pitted two competitors in a race lifting, carrying and throwing full kegs of liquid into the back of a truck. But it was at the Lifting Stones Ser Gregor – sorry, Hafthor Bjornsson – drew away from his rivals.

The Lifting Stones requires competitors to lift six huge cannonball shaped stones and deposit them on a barrel. The height of the barrel is around 1.50m. Each stone is heavier than the one preceding it. Not every competitor can even complete the event – and these are some of the strongest men in the world. Bjonsson sailed through the event even having enough time to rev-up the crowd between lifts.

To give you some idea of his strength, consider this: The New Zealand All Blacks boast two players who can squat 230 kilograms (itself an incredible feat). Hafthor Bjonsson can bench press that! He can squat 350kg!!! (more than half again as much as the strongest members of the best rugby team in the world). And deadlift an almost unimaginable 420kg!

But Bjornsson showed he also has a flair for TV. After flying through the Stones Lift, and winning the competition, he ripped the t-shirt from his body and roared at the crowd. A diminutive English reporter took her life in her hands and approached him for an interview. Her blonde head barely reaching his chest, she looked up at him and said, “You’re King of the Stones and you proved why there – completing all six stones … tell us how different that challenge is to the conventional, classic (lifting)?”

Bjornsson completely ignored her.

“I am the future of strength!” he roared. “I am the King of Stones!”

He then turned away and stomped off.

See event and interview highlights here:

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