McGregor Calls Out Aldo After Finishing Siva


Irish MMA superstar Connor McGregor has taken another step towards the featherweight title dispensing with 10th ranked Dennis Siver in the second round.

McGregor had size, speed and power over Siva, who never looked comfortable against his opponent. He repeatedly hurt Siva with blows and kicks to the German’s body and legs. Several strikes to the head in the first round rocked Siva and had him curled up defensively.

McGregor is now ranked fifth in the featherweight division with five straight wins to his credit.

Towards the middle of the second round McGregor connected with Siva’s head sending him sprawling to the canvas. McGregor mounted and finished the fight at 1:54 of the second round.

“I said two minutes and I meant two minutes,” joked McGregor after predicting the win would take close to that time..

But McGregor wasn’t finished. After being waved away by the referee he mounted the Octagon and motioned to the belt that would soon be around his waist.

McGregor saw the incumbent champion, Jose Aldo, and jumped on a ringside table in front of him.

The two traded words (though no report yet of what was said). Jose smiled and McGregor returned to the Octagon to be announced victor.

When asked in the post-fight interview about the champion McGregor said, “F*** him!

“I’m going to hand him my spit bucket, tell him to spit shine that belt … go back to Brazil with that spit bucket.”

UFC organisers had hoped to have the winner of McGregor-Siva face-off against Aldo in the ring. But the tensions seemed not worth the risk.

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