Male vs Female Sanctioned Fight in Brazil


As speculation about how Ronda Rousey would fare against male UFC opponents Larissa Schoreder has shown it’s not a big-deal.

Last month the amateur Brazilian fighter stepped into the ring and defeated her male opponent – in under a minute.

According to, Schreoder had been scheduled to fight her March 28 debut against a female opponent. The other fighter, however, was forced to withdraw soon before the bout.

Schroeder’s coach, Cristiano Benedetto, asked if she would be prepared to fight a male opponent – to get a feel for what a real fight (as against training) is like?

Schroeder agreed.

She was paired up against training partner Fernando Lemos and the rest, as they say, is history.

“They are training partners,” said coach Benedetto to, “and are used to sparring (together). I don’t think it was a big deal. That’s what they do every day in the gym.”

But as Benedetto said previously – there’s a difference between sparring and real fighting.

The two closed early in the first and traded blows.

Schroeder backed away from her larger male opponent, concentrating on countering rather than pressing forward.

But once Schroeder managed to shake Lemos with several significant strikes the complexion of the fight changed dramatically.

Lemos began to go defensive and then turtled as Schroeder moved to capitalise.

“As soon as she hit Fernando and blood started to come out of his nose, the fight was over,” said Benedetto. “The referee was a friend of mine and I asked him to stop if one of them got hurt. It was just a one-round fight. No big deal.”

But it has been a big deal in Brazilian MMA circles. So much so one promoter has offered Schroeder $1000 to market her professional debut.

However, Schoreder is being realistic. She is surprised with the reaction her fight has gathered but believes she needs more experience before stepping onto the canvas against professional opponents.

“I didn’t see any problem with fighting a man,” she told “I only train with them, basically. I never thought that would become the biggest topic of the week. It’s super normal that men fight women in the gym.”

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