Is Brock Lesnar Considering a Return to the UFC?

Man Mountain brock Lesnar. Image:

Arguably the most dangerous man on the planet, Brock Lesnar, could be considering a return to the UFC.

Lesnar (5-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) has been tight-lipped about the rumours. The 37 year-old gave nothing away at a recent press conference; but he appeared to be slimming down from the gargantuan bulk of a professional wrestler to the hard-bodied – strength for weight – physique required by MMA fighters.

Lesnar’s contract with the WWE draws to a close in March 2015.

UFC president Dana White has said on numerous occasions he’d be happy to consider Lesnar’s return. And why wouldn’t he? Fights featuring Brock Lesnar have attracted record-breaking Pay Per View audiences; with the man himself being one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

White further admitted at “The Time is Now” press conference in November, that Lesnar had talked about returning to the UFC.

“We have a great relationship with him. He’s healthy and he’s said that he’s interested in fighting again. We’ll see what happens.”

Lesnar came to the UFC in 2008 after seven years in professional wrestling. He carved a swathe through the heavyweight ranks and won the title belt in November of 2008 with a TKO victory over MMA legend Randy Couture.

Lesnar defended his belt against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin before losing to Cain Velasquez and Alastair Overeem.

The final months of Lesnar’s UFC career were dogged with ill-health. He was admitted to hospital with diverticulitis, underwent multiple surgeries, and had his diet completely restructured.

Lesnar, at age 37, is around the average age of UFC heavyweights. He says he is at full health and that he desires a return to the UFC. The focus of his current training is a closely guarded secret.

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