Ice Hockey Player has Part of Ear Ripped-Off in Game

Rangers’ Kevin Klein. Image:

New York Ranger Ice Hockey star Kevin Klein had part of his ear ripped off in a match against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The defenceman was struck by a high stick that tore off the top part of his ear sending blood streaming down the left side of his neck.

Referees ordered him off.

But rather than do the sensible thing and go to hospital Klein had the team doctor stitch it back. He replaced his blood soaked jersey and returned to the rink.

It was just as well too. The Rangers had blown a 3 – 1 lead, allowing the Penguins to slot home two goals in 24 seconds of one another deep in the third period.

The two teams battled it out through the fourth quarter, with Klein re-joining them in the dying minutes.

Klein’s toughness paid off as he was the one to drive home the winning goal in overtime.

Whether you were a Penguins or Rangers fan you had to hand it to the hardy defenceman

Klein isn’t even sure how many stitches the team doctor needed to reattach the ear. It was all done so fast. The blood was pumping and he just wanted to get back into the game.

Now that’s commitment!

Kevin Klein post- match. Image:

Kevin Klein post- match. Image:

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