Cena Takes WWE US Championship After Brutal broken Nose

Image: Twitter

The WWE is known for its theatrics: Hulking wrestlers performing throws that should kill an ox, chest-thumping histrionics – and everyone with a story to tell.

But things do sometimes go wrong, and that’s when wrestling fans really get to see what their idols are made of.

On Monday Night RAW John Cena took a brutal knee to the nose. He was visibly stunned by the impact and his nose shattered like a twig.

Images: Twitter

Images: Twitter

Blood began gushing from his face. But the 115 kg hulk pressed on.

Social media went into overdrive as Cena refused to exit the ring.

Doctors assessed the damage on several occasions during the match, but Cena refused to withdraw.

His heroics were rewarded when he eventually won the bout and retained his United States Championship.

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