Andrew Snope Smashes World 24 Hour Endurance Running Record

Ultra ultra ultra marathoner Andrew Snope has just stunned the world and set a new world record. The 28 year-old ran an incredible 220km in 24 hours on the weekend. And he did it all barefoot.

Andrew Snope. Photo:

Andrew Snope. Photo:

Snope, originally from savannah in Georgia, US, ran his mind-boggling record on a tartan athletics track in Alaska. Barring toilet breaks he ran non-stop, averaging an incredible 9.17 km per hour. His feat improved the previous record by 8.5km in the same time.

What makes Snope’s new record even more impressive is knowing that the mark he beat was set on a treadmill.  Treadmill running is the easiest possible version of the movement. Running in place creates no wind resistance, the surface is soft underfoot, adding bounce to each stride, and supporters can stand right next to you as you pound on and on.

In essence, Snope ran five and a quarter marathons back-to-back and alone; each in the highly creditable time of four hours 35 minutes.

Andrew Snope took up running three years ago after reading about the benefits of exercize in the book ‘Born to Run’. He is a fierce advocate of the natural states bought about by running. So much so he has never (and will never) owned a pair of running shoes.

Snope describes barefoot running as ecstatic, “Your senses are really heightened. To take a shower (after running) is ecstasy. To sit down is mind-blowing.”

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