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Ticket Prices Soar for Rangers’ Stanley Cup Homegames

Stanley Cup ticket prices are predicted to blow out for the New York Rangers home games at Madison Square Gardens.

New York Rangers

New York Rangers

Ticket have not yet been released for games 3, 4, and 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but already speculation is growing about their cost.  Some pundits are tipping the the tickets to be released at $2000 a seat, with prices rising with each later game. This is assuming one side doesn’t sweep the early rounds.

Ticket prices to a game in which one side could win the cup are estimated to be released at $2419.57. Prices for the last Rangers home game at Madison Square Gardens are predicted to be around $2,727.35

Clippers’ Legal Wrangle Nears Its End

Steve Ballmer is set to take over as new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

 On Friday the NBA released a statement announcing a resolution with Shelly Sterling, Donald

Steve Ballmer set to take over as L.A. Clippers new owner

Steve Ballmer set to take over as L.A. Clippers new owner

Sterling’s wife. In this resolution Shelly Sterling has agreed to not sue the NBA and ‘indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including her husband, Donald Sterling.’ This opens the way for the NBA Board of Governors to rescind the Sterling Family’s ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and vote to approve Steve Ballmer’s takeover. The agreement with Shelley Sterling effectively protects the NBA from any potential financial losses suffered at the hands of her husband.

The NBA must be heaving a huge sigh of relief at this resolution as it comes only days after Donald Sterling filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA for damages issuing from the lifetime ban handed to him by the NBA and his termination of ownership. This comes on the heels of a TMZ audio recording of Sterling telling his girlfriend he didn’t approve of her bringing African-Americans to the Clippers’ games.

A hearing convened with the owners of the league’s other 29 franchises was set for Tuesday. However Donald Sterling agreed to allow Shelley to negotiate the sale of the team.

Shelley Sterling took Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion dollar bid over other reported offers of $1.6 billion (David Geffen and the Guggenheim Group – owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers) and $1.2 billion (from a group including former NBA player Grant Hill and Lost Angeles tycoons Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh).

Once Shelley accepted Ballmer’s bid, however, Donald Sterling’s attorneys claimed he had since changed his mind and refused to sell the team. He then began exploring legal avenues to prevent Ballmer taking over the team.

Asked the strength of Donald Sterling’s case against Ballmer’s takeover, one source close to the sales process remarked ‘It’s over, Sterling is totally boxed in.’

3 Unconventional Exercise Regimens


We tend to look at exercise as a chore. Something to be put off, delayed, and ultimately sacrificed in favour of a night in front of the TV. However, not all physical exertion is lacking in pleasure. By looking at exercise from a new perspective, individuals can come to appreciate different approaches, and find one or more that works well for them.

8-minute exercises

Generally, we think of a workout as taking up a good hour or so of precious time. That’s part of what makes it so difficult to commit to an exercise routine – the multiple, conflicting demands on our time that can result in exercise floundering at the bottom of a priorities list.

For those who struggle to assign big blocks of time to individual tasks, eight-minute exercise routines could serve as a more feasible alternative. They’re readily available (and free!) online, and can be approached in different ways depending on your fitness level.

From arms, to abs, to buns, to legs, there’s sure to be a cheesy instructional video on YouTube that caters to your needs. Be warned, though: striped, full-body leotards, the word “gang”, and irritating musical motifs are prominent.


Depending on the individual, it’s possible that this activity could also end up being an eight-minute affair. Those seeking direction and assistance from experienced hands should consider elite and erotic adult escort services in Sydney.

Of course, foreplay burns calories too – it’s all about being creative and prolonging the activity. If you’re undertaking sex first and foremost for exercise purposes, try not to lose sight of your main objective once you’re in the throes of passion. Sydney escorts should be able to tailor their services to your exercise regimen, giving you the best possible outcome. The pleasures offered by escorts in Sydney indicate that exercise doesn’t have to be painful at all. And we’re not talking endorphins.


Dance classes are hardly a new phenomenon. They’re seen as a great option for those seeking toning, and can also help to develop a sense of grace and poise in students.

What we can often forget is that most of us dance for fun, too. Going out on a Friday night would likely be a physically beneficial activity, were it not for the copious amounts of alcohol that tends to be consumed along the way. So slip on your stilettos and take to the clubs, but eschew the alcohol to enjoy both the emotional and physical benefits of a good night out.

Weight-Cutting Sports Embracing Colonic Irrigation

Boxing, MMA, horse racing have one thing in common – the participants are judge on a power to weight ratio. In each, the weight of the competitor is legislated by a division. The idea is for the individual competitor to drop a lot of weight rapidly in time for the official weigh-in, then replace the lost weight before the actual competition. This, when it works, gives the competitor a significant size, strength and power advantage over their adversary. So prevalent is the practice of weight cutting it has now become an accepted part of most personal combat sports.

Weight cutting suitMost times the athlete chooses to dehydrate through a combination of reduced water intake, and sweating, though the use of a sauna and weight-cutting suit.

But there are risks. In their effort to reduce weight participants run a gauntlet of health issues. The most serious of which is muscle and energy loss through dehydration. Most weight-cutting occurs through dehydration. Dehydration takes days to replenish. The effects of dehydration are decreased strength, endurance, and speed. It’s like taking all the oil out of your car engine and then running it flat out. As such nearly all competitors who weight-cut this way enter their competition at a substandard level of athletic performance.

That’s not so bad when your competitor is doing the same as you. The loss of athletic performance on both sides creates a level playing field. But now high performance sports coaches have found a less harmful alternative to dehydrating: Colonic Irrigation.

There is a massive amount of semi-digested foods literally rotting in the large intestine. It’s contribution

UFC Weigh-Ins

UFC Weigh-Ins

to energy and muscle building is negligible to say the least. High performance sports coaches are finding their athletes can drop a significant amount of weight quickly and without any detrimental effects on athletic performance through only one session of colonic irrigation. The athlete themselves find the session relaxing and infinitely less stressful than the normal regimen required to make weight.

The Colon Care Clinic was one of the first such detox centres to be employed by athletes for this purpose. In a few short years it has gone from servicing individual amateur athletes to catering for teams of professional sports people.

Any sport requiring a power to weight ratio (such as running, jumping, cycling etc.) can benefit from colonic irrigation.

Adam Scott’s Hard Work Earns Him the Don Award

The already honoured Australian golfer, Adam Scott, has further engraved his name in sporting history by becoming the first golfer to receive the country’s most esteemed sporting award, the Don Award. At Augusta in April, Scott swung, chipped and putted his way to be named Australia’s first golfer to ever win the US Masters in its entire 77 years of running. Sport Australia Hall of Fame (SAHOF) selection committee unanimously sealed Scott’s fate as the most worthy recipient of the Don Award for 2013. Votes are given to the athlete whose achievements have most inspired the nation in the last 12 months.

Scott broke what many believed to be a 77 year-old curse between Australia and Augusta, proving that with hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude, luck and jinxes have little to do with success. This uproarious victory sealed Australia’s tenth triumph at a men’s Golf major and was the first win in seven years.

Scott said, “I am humbled and honoured to have won this award and join many great champions before me.”

adam scott don award“I’d like to congratulate the other finalists on their achievements this year and I’d like to thank the Sport Australia Hall of Fame for this honour.”

Being honoured with the prestigious Don Award means that Scott is now eternalised in Sporting history and sits in the crowds amongst other Australian greats such as Cathy Freeman, Ian Thorpe and Glenn McGrath. The Sport Australia Hall of Fame’s Don Award is an ideal example of how employee awards Melbourne encourage and inspire Australian workers and athletes to continue to aspire to greatness.

Corporate Awards, Trophies and Plaques Sydney are the perfect way to reward hard-working, high-achieving and inspiring individuals. It is an effective way to encourage workers to complete every task and every competition to their absolute best. Noble Awards Sydney provide people with an incentive to act ethically, demonstrate leadership and provide innovative solutions that aren’t always profit-driven. While Adam Scott would not have solely trained so hard to achieve the Don Award, such achievements drive athletes to perform to their peak in each tournament and acknowledge their incredible contribution to the Australian sporting scene. In turn, this raises hopes of younger athletes that they can reach similar sporting heights of their idols.

The Enigma Charters Shoot-Out

Brian and I work for a large entertainment business. We’re mid-level managers; more dogs-bodies than high-fliers. Last week we were given our first corporate hosting gig. A big client was flying in for a meeting with our Betters.  For good or ill we were tasked with keeping him entertained for one afternoon. All we knew about the guy was that he liked to shoot.

I’ll give credit where it’s due. It was Brian who discovered the Laser Clay Pigeon shooting on Sydney Harbour. Corporate & Executive Yacht Hire in Sydney, Australia – what could be better? We get to show off the wonders of Sydney while also engaging him in his favourite pastime. Unfortunately, it was to be Brian’s last good idea.20091207-20091207-DSC_0957-848x250

For anyone interested, the Laser Clay Pigeon shooting is offered through Enigma Charters. You and your guests climb aboard a luxury yacht, with everything provided. The Captain and crew do it all and really go out of their way to make the trip pleasant. For special occasions like corporate events, weddings and parties I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Our departure was held up because Brian was late. Not a good start. The client was unimpressed.

When Brian did finally show, he was dressed like a traditional English sporting shooter: Deerstalker cap, tweed jacket, and one of those stupid capes that only come down to your shoulder blades – like the one Sherlock Holmes is always depicted wearing as he hunches over his magnifying glass.

The client looked like he’d just been given second place in a lemon eating competition.

‘Ahoy!’ Brian greeted us both.

I cringed.

It was a glorious, warm October morning: Perfect boating weather with blue skies and light winds. The Captain introduced himself and the crew. “Welcome to Enigma Charters, Sydney Harbour Wedding Cruise & Boat Charter. Today we are going …” We were given the safety talk and an outline of the events of the day. The client sat as far away from Brian as he could

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to throw Brian overboard. I think it would have been in everybody’s interests had I done so; even Brian’s.

By the time the laser clay pigeon shooting was ready to begin I had the suspicion Brian had made a bet with the client.

I pulled him aside, “Have you made a bet on this clay pigeon shooting?” I whispered heatedly.

“Nooooooo,” said Brian, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, noooOOOooo!”

He thought a moment. “Well … yes.”

Brian had never fired a gun in his life. Let alone a laser rifle on the rolling deck of a luxury yacht.

“You idiot!” I was shaking with rage, “We could lose our jobs for this. What’s the bet for?”

“A case of Grange Hermitage.”

That’s six hundred dollars a bottle. “Well don’t expect me to pay for it,” I hissed. “I want no part of this.”

The competition went as expected. Brian, still in his tweeds and deerstalker despite the 30 degree heat, allowed the client to shoot first. He scored 100% – five pigeons from five shots.

Brian stepped up for his turn. “Pull!” he commanded, quite unnecessarily. And the clay pigeon sailed off unharmed towards the Headlands.

“Pull!” Brian went on quite unperturbed.

I couldn’t watch. I left them to it, preferring instead to work on the resume I’d be needing when the boss fired us.

When next I saw them, the client had his arm on Brian’s shoulder teaching him how to hold the gun properly. I’m not sure if the client looked sympathetic or bemused, but he was clearly enjoying himself.

enigmaThe day passed pleasantly enough. The Sydney Harbor boat cruise was beautiful, the food magnificent, the Captain and staff were very friendly and unobtrusive. When at the end of the day we disembarked the client shook both our hands and gave Brian a queer look.

“I’ll have the Grange sent to your rooms tomorrow,” Brian said.

When we got in the car I begged Brian to tell me he didn’t bet any more than one case of Grange.

“We doubled up,” he said.

I put my head in my hands and moaned.


“Leave Sydney,” was my advice. “You owe him almost twenty thousand dollars! I’m taking you home. Pack your stuff, grab the wife, and go.”

But when we got to Brian’s place there was a surprise waiting for us: Brian’s wife rushed out to the car, all smiles and bubbling with excitement. “Brian!” the news was bursting out of her. “Your boss rang to say the client just has accepted the deal! You’re both getting a ten thousand dollar bonus!”

Brian looked at me hopefully.

Wood Chopping

Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 5.37.01 PM

We all know of Wood Chopping as the sport that we go to see at the Annual fair, usually surrounded by other farm-related events such as petting zoos, sheep herding and horse riding. The sport is actually taken very seriously by it’s competitors, and there is far more variation in it than meets the eye. With a number of different events and competitions all over the world, the sport is very intense and cutthroat. The sport has world championships, official handicaps and governing bodies all around the world. Here are some of the different events in the sport of wood chopping.

Styles of Wood Chopping

The first style of Wood Chopping is called “Underhand” and is generally considered the simplest for of the sport. The log is fixed horizontally, whilst the axeman stands over it and chops into the scarf between his feet. Slightly more difficult is the “Standing Block” which involves the log fixed in a vertical position and the axeman chopping from the side until it is severed. There is a higher degree of skill and accuracy required for this event, where technique is generally more beneficial than brute strength.

“Treefelling” is definitely the most spectacular form of the sport and definitely the most spectator friendly. The axemen climbs up a tree by cutting board holes in the tree and placing stair-like boards in them. Once he has climbed to the top, the he chops the top of the tree off, and the winner being named the first to complete the task. This form of the sport is a little difficult to explain, the best way is to watch the video linked below. It is believed that this form of wood chopping began when axemen wanted to avoid the lower quality wood at the bottom of the tree.

Here is the final of the World Treefelling championship.


Wife Carrying


Yes, you heard correctly – Wife Carrying is a sport. It is a race where a man carries his wife along an obstacle course, where the fastest couple is deemed the winner. Whilst this may initially sound incredibly sexist, impractical and in some cases downright inappropriate, you have come to the understanding that yes, it is all of those things. Despite the fact that this sport is taken in a very lighthearted manner, major competitors of the sport take Wife Carrying very seriously.

The Origins of Wife Carrying

There are a number of theories as to how this sport came about. Originating in Finland under its traditional name of ‘Eukonkanto’, the sport seems to have its origins in a man named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen. He was a thief and pillager in the late 19th century, flooding chaos in towns and villages. The stories say that he and his gang used to steal food, goods and even women, carrying them on their backs. Another story, which is far less worrying, is the idea that Rosvo-Ronkainen used to train his men by getting them to carry large, heavy sacks on their backs which eventually evolved into a sport testing muscle endurance and strength. Though the question must be asked – when did women replace these sacks?

The Rules

There are a number of rules in the Sport of Wife Carrying. The track on which the race is undertaken usually involves some rocky terrain, fences to leap over and a water based section. Here are a few of the rules that have been set by the International Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee.

  • The Track is 253.5 meters in length.
  • The wife must be your own, the neighbors, or one you found further afield.
  • She must be at least seventeen years of age.
  • Contestants run two at a time.
  • The fastest couple is named the winner.
  • The most entertaining, the best costume and strongest carrier also win prizes.

It’s an interesting sport that has crosses many a field, with the sport now practiced in the USA, Hong Kong, Estonia and right here in Australia. The World Championships are held every year.




To us here in Australia, the game of Curling seems quite unusual. We usually only come by the sport every four years when it’s televised during the Winter Olympics. Otherwise, it’s usually subject to some sporting banter at the pub. In some countries, however, Curling is a major sport. With Canada and Scotland being some of the most heated contenders in the sport, along with a number of other countries, mainly European.

The game is believed to have originated in Scotland, with the first recorded reference to the game dating back to 1541. The game is played on a rectangular sheet of ice with large, heavy polished granite stones. Originally an outdoor sport, modern technologies have allowed for it to be played indoors and all year round.

The Rules

Curling is very similar to lawn bowls or shuffleboard. Played in teams of four, with a maximum of two teams playing against each other at one time, the granite stone (known as the curling stone) is passed along the ice towards the target, with the aim of the game being to make the stone land as close to the centre of the target as possible. There are two sweepers that accompany the stone down the track, using brooms to vigorously sweep the ice directly in front of the stone. This momentarily melts the ice, reduces friction and helps direct the stone to the target.

The Curling Target is known as the ‘house’ and the centre is known as the ‘button’. The basic rules of the game indicate that the team that has a stone closest to the button at the end of each round gains a point for every stone they have closer than the opposing teams best effort. The team with the most points at the end of each match wins.

Curling Competitions

There are a few Curling competitions run around the world. The World Curling Federation, the governing body, based in Perth, Scotland, organizes the men and women’s World Curling Championships, held every year. Along with this, the sport is featured in the Winter Olympics every four years.

Scissors – Paper – Rock


Usually, when we think of the game of Scissors – Paper – Rock, we think of it as a tie-breaking game played by children in the playground. There are a few variations of the name, depending on where you grew up (The game being known as ‘Rock – Paper – Scissors’ in the US), but the essential concept remains the same.  We would be surprised to hear that this childhood past time is actually considered a professional sport in parts of the world.

The Rules

The rules of Scissors – Paper – Rock remain the same throughout the world. The two competitors (sometimes more) generally gesture their hands in a fist for three counts, kept in time through a chant of “Scissors Paper Rock!” On the fourth count, the competitors configure their hands into one of three gestures, each representing rock, paper or scissors.

The rules of how the winner is decided are as follows:

Rock defeats scissors

Scissors defeats Paper

Paper defeats rock

Whilst these rules may not make perfect sense, they are final. How rock manages to be defeated by paper is a bit complex. The idea is that paper can cover rock – though why paper cannot cover scissors also is a mystery.

On the occasion that two competitors choose the same gesture, the game is tied and they play again. The game is often played as a best of three.

Competitions of Scissors – Paper – Rock

It’s surprising, if not ridiculous, to hear that there are competitions for Scissors – Paper – Rock. The World Rock Paper Scissors Society was founded in 2002 and has a standardised set of rules for play. It oversees the annual International World Championships. These competitions receive very wide media attention from all parts of the world, with a vast range of nationalities competing for the crown. These competitions have been known for their large cash prizes, decorative arenas and memorable contestants. In 2004 the championships were broadcast on US sports TV giant Fox Sports.

The international competition is not the only tournament in the world – with competitions held in the UK and smaller tournaments in the US.