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Meehan Confident Against Parker


45 year-old Kali Meehan plans to stop Joseph Parker next week when the two giants clash in Auckland.

Meehan steps into the ring against the unbeaten world No.6 at the Trust Arena in Auckland on October 15.

Parkert, 23, has just served as sparring partner for current world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and has a perfect 15-0 record. His last outing was against Bowie Tupou (no slouch at all). But 63 seconds of carnage was all the Jeff Fenech-trained big-man could take.

Meehan began boxing in Auckland. He moved to the Gold Coast, then the NSW Central Coast, and is currently enjoying the most financially successful time of his career.

He won $200,000 as the ‘Last Man Standing’ in a New Zealand heavyweight elimination event. He then moved on to collect a six-figure payday for dominating one of New Zealand’s favourite sporting icons, Shane Cameron, in November.

Meehan lost a wafer thin split decision to WBO title holder Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas in 2004 and says he still has the power eleven years on.

“I’ve still got the big punch and I know a lot of tricks. I feel like I’m still in my 30s. I don’t know how 45 is supposed to feel.

“I’m ready. I’ve done 80 hard rounds sparring my son who is a top-class heavyweight. I know it’s going to be a very hard fight and I think the fans are really in for a treat.

Meehan has been confined to sparring sessions with his son Willis – a former Sydney City Rooster NRL player and 2013 Australian amateur boxing champion.

Parker, meanwhile, has had four fights since November.

Skydivers Dodge Near Miss


Four skydivers practicing for the Australian Masters Games have narrowly avoided crashing aboard the Cessna 182 H.

On Friday the four skydivers and their pilot, John, had taken off from East Parklands. One of the skydivers, David Boulter, 57, looked out the window to see the roof of the Queen Victoria apartments on Fullarton Road, “mere feet away.”

“I looked to the right and saw trees … We’d have been creeping over it (the canopy).

“We were in the safety zone. If we were two feet to the right it (the canopy) would shred the wings … there would have been five fatalities.”

Their Cessna had taken off from Parafield Airport, but had been forced to circle over the drop zone for an hour because of the busy airspace.

It was when they returned to the drop zone (over Victoria Park) that the trouble began.

An engine stopped, the aeroplane began gliding, losing altitude. It fell from 3500 feet to ground level in three minutes.

John, the pilot, was preparing an emergency landing on the Clipsal 500 track, but diverted to Victoria Park when he spotted a council truck on the roadway.

Mr Boulter didn’t think the plane ran out of fuel.

Fellow skydiver John Friswell, 63, said, “We heard the engine splutter … and we’re preparing to jump.

“But the pilot said, ‘No, no, stay in the plane’”.

All the skydivers praised the pilot’s efforts. Mr Boulter suffered a fractured foot, the fourth skydiver a broken pelvis, everyone else minor injuries.

They all agreed, it could have been a lot worse.

MMA Fighter Nearly KOs TWO Opponents!


Bellator bantamweight, Darrion Caldwell, nearly KOed two opponents at Bellator 143, on the weekend.

After defeating fellow bantamweight Shawn Bunch in an entertaining and gruelling fight Caldwell climbed the fence to launch himself into a backflip.

Unfortunately he landed on top of the camerawoman.

Caldwell moved to 8-0 after defeating Bunch; but his flying leap onto the camerawoman will drew a no-contest from the judges.

On Sunday night the UFC Fight Night main even between Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson is gathering attention.

Barnett is supremely confident of beating Nelson, even though he hasn’t fought in almost two years.

“I need to go out there and show that the shell of me that didn’t even show up to fight the last time, that’s not indicative of who I am.

“I’m not anywhere near the end of my career. Roy Nelson and I, on paper, could look like one thing to a group of folks, but I want to go out there and show who I am as a fighter.

“By going out there and not just beating Roy, but taking Roy out and takin him out quickly.

“I know Roy isn’t going to oblige in any way shape or form. The more you go out there and hit Roy and you try to beat Roy’s brains in, he’s going to come back, drop his body weight and try to land that big overhand right.

“I try to fight with a very high IQ. I can say all this and I can be as confident as I want to be, but whatever happens, I just want the best Roy Nelson to show up so I can go out there and beat him at his best. On his best day, he’s not taking me out.”

Barnett won a points decision over Nelson in a tight and brutal contest.

‘Twelve Gauge’ Armbars ‘Astro-Girl’ for UFC 191 Win

Paige vanZant images:

Former Nike model turned UFC-killer ‘Twelve Guage’ Paige VanZant is continuing to work her way through the TUF 20 house with an armbar victory over Australia’s Alex ‘Astro Girl’ Chambers.

VanZant was coming off a victory over Chambers’ housemate the ever-dangerous Felice Herrig and was keen to prove she’s much more than just a pretty face.

She stalked to the centre of the Octagon and let loose a barrage of punches.

Chambers was off-balance.

VanZant stepped in with an impressive take-down. She finished the round in top-position landing some damaging ground-and-pound.

Chambers wobbled out for the second round knowing she was behind on the judges’ scorecards.

VanZant refused to give her an opportunity to get back into the fight. Her movement and striking were the difference.

But the finish eluded VanZant until 1:01 in the third round.

Another trip sent Chambers to the canvas, VanZant pounced and softened her up with a series of hard punches.

As Chambers attempted to defend hjrself she left her arm unprotected.

VanZant seized it and stretched it out for an armbar submission.

Commentators compared the slick manoeuvre to Ronda Rousey, who is famed for being able to transition almost from any position into an armbar victory.



In an interview with last week VanZant said she would love to follow in the footsteps of Rousey.

“She’s done amazing things,” said VanZant. “She’s had amazing success and it just kind of shows me how far I can take this. And every time I think she’s hit the ceiling, she breaks through again. I would love to obviously follow in her footsteps. I want to continue winning fights before that could ever happen. I need to create a name for myself and maybe I’ll get the opportunities that she’s getting.”

VanZant is 3-0 in the UFC and just 21 years of age. She’s a former model and has already fought some of the best strawweights in the world.

Her future looks bright.



World Champion Free-Diver Presumed Dead

Molchanova image:

Natalia Molchanova, 53, arguably the world’s greatest ever free diver has failed to surface after a dinve in the Balearic Sea, near Spain.

Molchanova was diving on Sunday with three others on the coast of Formentera. Speaking with the New York Times her son Alexey said they do not expect to find her alive.

Free diving is a sport and competition in which individuals dive to the greatest possible depths without any breathing aids. Molchanova was diving to a depth of about 40 meters, much less than her word record of 101 metres set in May in Egypt.

Yet reports claim she was diving in an area notorious for its unpredictable currents. The water temperature was around 26 degrees Celsius, but further down this would become colder. Such sudden changes in temperature can possibly shock the body.

When Molchanova failed to surface her fellow divers began searching on their own; when this yielded nothing they called for help. Private boats and the Coast Guard, helicopters and eventually submersible robots were called in. But to no avail.

Molchanova holds 41 world records, has won the world championship in free diving 23 times, and can hold her breath for longer than 9 minutes.

The worldwide community of free divers are in mourning for a woman loved and respected by all.

Severe Health Cost of Speed Eating Competitions

Nathan's Famous image:

The American medical fraternity is taking aim at the nation’s growing hunger for speed eating contests.

Health experts point to a study: ‘Competitive Speed Eating: Truth and Consequences’ published in the American Journal of Roentgenology in 2007, to warn competitors not only of the events, but also the training required for them.

Chicago-based psychiatrist and eating-disorder expert Kim Dennis likens speed eating (whether competitive or for training) as a variant of self-harm.

“Putting all of the health risks aside,” said Dennis, “there are certainly some psychological or psychiatric risks with regards to the development of an eating disorder for people who had any sort of genetic predisposition to have one.

“Somebody eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes is self-abusing to some extent.”

The health risks alone should be enough to warn anybody away from such a frivolous pursuit: the very real possibility of developing morbid obesity, profound gastroparesis, gastric ruptures, and dangerously low sodium levels; risks of seizures, fainting, vomiting … the list goes on.

The United States is the home of speed eating. Not only do they have their own bona fide organisation (Major League Eating), but they have some real money to be won from the more prestigious competitions.

Professional speed eaters (yes, there are people who make their living doing this) Matt Stonie won US$10,000 for first place in the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest on July 4 this year.
Stonie revealed he binge ate up to 60 hot dogs three times a week to prepare for the event.
He also admitted he (and other competitors) didn’t really know what they were doing when it came to training.

“A lot of us don’t know what we’re doing,” Stonie admitted.

“We’re just experimenting. Sometimes people go a little gung-ho, a little overboard, and hurt themselves.”

Even the organisation behind the speed eating events is concerned at the health risks associated with the sport and tr4aining. “It’s ridiculous,” said George Shea, co-founder of Major League Eating and organiser of the Nathan’s Famous contest. “You don’t need to do it (training) … there’s no arms race to 100 (hot dogs).

But like in any competition people are always after an edge over their rivals. If that edge comes from training (and frequent binge eating) then that’s what they’ll do.

Alli Alberts Sets Hearts Racing with MVP Celebration

Alli Alberts image:

Super-babe and lingerie league standout Alli Alberts sent hearts a-flutter after being named MVP after the Chicago Bliss stomped the Omaha Hearts 49-0.

After hearing she’d won the coveted prize Ms Alberts ran onto the middle of the gridiron and chugged a whole beer.

Male footy fans were in raptures.

Alberts has been a football fans’ favourite since she joined the lingerie league. She is smokin’ hot, she plays at safety with brutal efficiency, and she is currently a dentist in training to be a prosthodontist – the perfect combination of beauty, athleticism, and brains.

Oh, and she apparently doesn’t mind a drink or two.

Social media exploded in the wake of Albert’s being named MVP and her very public celebration.

She has been described as a badass with a great-ass.

Klitschko – Jennings Build-Up Goes by Almost Unnoticed

Undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko is putting his championship belt on the line this week.

But you’d be forgiven for not knowing.

The fight has been completely overlooked in the wake of the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao saturation marketing.

First off this weekend’s heavyweight fight will be shown of HBO without the $100 pay-per-view price tag.

Second, tickets have been on sale since February – and remain not only available, but affordable.

Third, Manhattan hotel rooms have not been booked out. So those wanting to fly in for the Madison Square Gardens’ stoush can do so and have a place to lay their heads.

The Ukrainian juggernaut Klitschko (63-3, 53 KOs) will be hosting American underdog and Philadelphian native Bryant Jennings (19-0, 10KOs) on Saturday night.

“Bryant is Rocky Balboa. He’s from Philadelphia and someone who has pretty much the same story,” said Klitschko of his opponent. “He’s a top contender, and I can see the desire and will in the way he carries himself. It makes me believe the fight will be exciting. I think he’s going to come to win. This is his audience and his people. That’s something that’s going to push him.”

Klitschko can afford to be gracious. He has the advantages of 3 inches, a staggering 14.8 pounds (6.7 kg), and more than three times the experience of his 9 years younger opponent.

“I think he’s a good fighter,” said Klitschko’s trainer Jonathon Banks. “I think this is the opportunity of his life. But I think he showed up a little too early. This is nothing to discredit him. If he keeps going, he will be champion one day. It’s just bad timing. Wladimir is better. He’s stronger and faster.”

Rampage Jackson Cleared to Fight at UFC 186

Rampage Jackson. Image:

UFC fans heaved a sigh of relief on Tuesday, when a court injunction preventing Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson from competing in the co-man event at UFC 186 was lifted by the courts.

A dispute had broken out between Bellator MMA and the UFC over who currently has the contractual rights over Jackson.

“We are happy with the decision from the New Jersey Court allowing Rampage to fight in Montreal this Saturday night,” said UFC President Dana White. “I am looking forward to seeing Rampage back in the Octagon.”

Jackson, 36, is set to face Brazilian killer Fabio Maldonado at the catch weight of 215 pounds. Sharing the main event with them will be UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson fighting Kyoji Horiguchi.

Last December Jackson (7-5 UFC) announced he was re-signing with the UFC after almost a two-year absence.

The news was greeted with rapturous enthusiasm by the MMA fans everywhere, who believe Jackson belongs amongst the best fighters.

Jackson’s pedigree is unquestioned. He began his climb to the top of Mixed Martial Arts in PRIDE, where he earned a reputation for ferocity and knockout power.

In 2007 Jackson exploded onto the UFC with a second round knockout of Marvin Eastman. Then in May of the same year he shocked the world with a first round finish of UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.

Rampage then went on to defend his championship crown against Dan Henderson at UFC 75. This made him the first fighter in history to unify the UFC and PRIDE titles.

At UFC 86 in July of 2008, Jackson lost the title to his rival Ultimate Fighter coach Forrest Griffin. The fight was a stunning spectacle of tenacity, skill, and endurance; with both men at the height of their martial arts powers. The fight became a battle, the battle became a war. In the end only one man could win, but for their efforts they were awarded the prestigious Fight of the Year honours.

Since then Jackson has fought the crème-de-la-crème of the UFC world: Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, Wanderlei Silva and Keith Jardine.

His return to the UFC is a blessing for fight fans everywhere.

Everyone Loses in the Fight Over ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Rampage Jackson. Image:

The legal wrangle surround MMA fighter Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson only deepens.

Jackson (35-11 MMA, 7-5 UFC) was scheduled to meet Fabio Maldonado in the UFC 186 co-main event later this month in Montreal. But a petition for injunction filed by rival fight promoters Bellator MMA has stopped his involvement.

Jackson has made it abundantly clear he no longer wants anything to do with Bellator MMA. However, the franchise believes they still have contractual rights over the fighter.

That a U.S. court would uphold the petition for injunction shows that Bellator MMA may have a legal claim to Jackson. The strength of this claim will be tested in court.

Regardless of the result, Bellator MMA has just given the UFC a black eye. With a headline fighter taken out of the card the UFC is scrambling to find an opponent for Maldonado.

Jackson is doing what he can to maintain his fight-fitness (in case of any eleventh-hour reprieve), but he could be facing a lengthy stint on the sideline as the case shuffles its way through the courts.

The squabble over Jackson’s contractual rights means everyone loses. Bellator has one of their biggest drawcards unavailable, the UFC has a gaping hole in their UFC186 event, and Jackson loses the opportunity of earning big money in prize-winnings.

But the real losers are fight fans – regardless of which franchise they support.

On Instgram Jackson wrote: “I still have a lot of fight left in me.”

Let’s hope he has that fight in the courtroom as well as the Octagon.